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what is the cooperative credit system?

The institutions that are part of the cooperative credit system are well known, but many people do not know exactly what it is. Cooperatives exist in large numbers in Brazil, and they are often inviting you to join the institution and have access not only to administration but to a lot of financial benefits such as cooperative credit.

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What is the cooperative credit system?

the SNCC, National Cooperative Credit Systemis nothing more than the gathering of so-called institutions that provide credit services only to their so-called cooperative members.

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These institutions often act as financial institutions, but provide access to various credit systems at much lower rates than banks and other traditional institutions. This has a reason: cooperatives are not for-profit entities but mutual aid companies.

By participating in the cooperative with a symbolic value usually charged monthly, the cooperative member begins to be a kind of member of the institution and receives benefits from it. It is important to say that when a member leaves the cooperative, he receives all the capital he invested back in full.

What is the function of the cooperative credit system?

The main function of the Cooperative credit system offered by the cooperatives is to help the cooperators and also serve as an attraction for new cooperators. But this type of service is not the only one provided by cooperatives. They also offer credit cards, digital accounts, discounts, among others.

What are the levels of the cooperative credit system?

Let’s now get to know the different cooperatives that participate in the National Cooperative Credit System and how they differ.

singular cooperatives

These are the most common in the country. Singular cooperatives are different cooperatives that are linked to a central cooperative that is responsible for managing the values ​​of all its members.

capital and loan

In this type of cooperative, every benefit offered comes directly from the capital invested by its members. So in this case the benefits can be smaller and more modest, but also safer and more reliable.


This type of cooperative has more resources than the previous one, but it is not authorized to carry out financial speculation operations and also to carry out exchange operations. Everything is done with real currency.


The most versatile type of cooperative, full cooperatives have complete freedom to carry out all types of financial activities, including exchange services and accept the use of foreign currencies.

central cooperatives

These are the cooperatives to which the singular ones are linked. They do not provide the services directly, but are responsible for managing all the co-op money and managing it at the macro level.


A confederation brings together the central cooperatives into an institution that aims to administer and guarantee benefits. A central cooperative is not obliged to join a confederation, but a confederation guarantees more financial security for the cooperative.

What is the importance of the cooperative credit system?

Cooperatives guarantee a stable and low-cost financial environment for assistance to reach all members. And although they have lesser benefits than banks, they are still much more affordable.

What is the importance of the cooperative credit system

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How to hire the cooperative credit system?

To hire a credit union, just look for the one that best suits your needs and then, through a contract, join.

What are the requirements to contract the cooperative credit system?

To hire a cooperative it is necessary to be in the same branch of activity as all the members, to contribute monthly with the values ​​of the cooperative and to join freely and voluntarily.

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