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How it operates with the Commercial Boards, function and to whom it is subordinated!

Boards of Trade act as the body responsible for registering activities that are directly linked to companies. Each state in Brazil has a board of trade.

In this content you will discover how the trade boards work with the DREI. In addition to knowing a little more about some details of the service.

What this article covers:

Sinrem: composed of DREI and Boards of Trade

Sinrem was developed by DREI in conjunction with trade associations. This department is subordinate to the Ministry of Industry and the like.

What is the DREI and its functions?

The Department of Business Registration and Integration (DREI) has the function of consolidating all the guidelines of the Public Registry of places such as:

  • Companies;
  • Markets;
  • Other activities.

The DREI is subordinate to the Ministry of Industry as well as Foreign Trade and Services. It is a Federal agency.

What are the Trade Boards and their attributions?

Boards of trade aim to store, carry out and organize the records of companies to carry out activities without going against the law.

Trade boards. Source/Reproduction: original.

This body also has the function of opening companies.

Public Registration of Companies in the Boards of Trade

The Companies Registry is carried out with the commercial boards and its function is to guarantee the security, authenticity and publicity of the company’s legal acts.


The subscription term is 30 days. After this period, the file will only be effective after the order granted.

For whom it is intended

Boards of trade are intended for the following activities:

  • Cooperatives;
  • Anonymous Business Companies;
  • Limited Business Companies;
  • Consortia.

Anyone who wants or already performs one of these activities needs to register.

Documents required at registration

To register, you must have the following documents in hand:

  • ID copies and CPF of the partners 9th copies must be authenticated);
  • Articles of incorporation or individual entrepreneur’s application (3 copies);
  • 1 copy of the standard application or cover of the Board of Trade;
  • 1 copy of the FCN;
  • Proof of payment of fees from the Board of Trade, made through the DARF.

These are the essential documents for those who are going to register.

Company irregularity in the Public Registry

When there is no written contract, there is no record either. This issue causes the company to have irregularities for not complying with legal obligations.

Legal formalities by the Board of Trade that may cause impediment

There are some legal formalities by the Board of Trade that can cause impediment. See what they are:

incurable vices

Check out what are incurable addictions:

  • Incompetence;
  • Offense to the principles of Public Administration;
  • Illegitimacy.

Any illegality that the company has will be considered an incurable vice.

curable addiction

Curable vices are those small irregularities that just need a correction.

What is the Decennial Term?

Provided for in article 205, the Decennial Term aims to guarantee that the contractual provision must be for 10 years. Thus requiring that there be a contract between contractor and contractor.

What is the Decennial Term?

Decennial term. Source/Reproduction: original.

It is essential to comply with the law, especially when it comes to opening or running your own company. Being aware of this and staying within the law is important for the company to continue operating.

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