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Fine or thin hair – here are the tips you should know

Do you never manage to create curls in your hair or is your hair flat no matter how you wear it? We have collected 7 tips you must know if you have thin or fine hair.

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1. Blow dry your hair with your fingers

A mistake many people make who have thin hair is that they start using the round brush immediately when they blow dry their hair. If you brush through your hair too much, the result can be that the hair becomes flat instead of fluffy with a lot of volume. 90 percent of the time you blow dry your hair, brush it through with your fingers and 10 percent with the round brush. First the fingers and then the brush.

2. Cut right

If you have fine and thin hair, you should cut your hair up – the levels will add more volume to your hair. Slightly shorter hairstyles are also perfect for you, think a lob or a bob. How nice. Stay away from a long straight hairstyle, it makes your hair flatter than the flattest.

3. Don’t use too much conditioner

Conditioner can work wonders but it can also weigh a hair down. Make sure you use a thinner conditioner and only apply a little. Apply it only to your ends and only after shampooing your hair.

4. Become like your grandmother

Maybe you’ve seen your grandmother or someone in a movie use papillotes? It’s time to be like your grandmother and adopt the classic beauty trick. Do you want to get a real volume boost? Roll up the top hair in some buns before you get ready and take them out just before going out.

5. Work your way from top to bottom

If you have thin hair, you probably do everything to create volume in your hair. Do you notice no difference regardless of how much product you put in? Then you are probably applying them incorrectly. If you have thin hair, you should never use any products at the roots (only if it is a root-lifting volume spray). Hairstylist Mara Roszak tells Byrdie.com that you should always start applying your products from the ends up, as the ends can receive the most product.

6. The salt spray fixes the curls

It can be difficult to achieve nice curls if you have fine hair. The rescue is called salt spray. To keep your curls in place, finish by spritzing them with a salt spray. Then you get nice curls that last all day.

7. Always have a water bottle ready

Thin and fine hair has a tendency to quickly become fluffy and flat. Give your hair a refresh by spritzing it with water. If you have a spray bottle with water in your bag, you can always revive your hair again.

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