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ConductHub is launching a new digital platform

The need to digitize one’s own business to free up time for and for the customer, gave rise to the idea for a new software that is now being launched on the market.

– We missed the opportunity to build our own digital platform with smart and simple functions adapted for employees and customers, says Eszter Horváth Tóthnéfounder and owner of ConductHub.

For over 30 years, Eszter has Horváth Tóthné ran a company and worked in conductive pedagogy – where she helps individuals with disabilities, and their families, to a more independent life and lifelong learning. Even before the pandemic, she saw the need for and the possibilities of digitizing work around conductive pedagogy. The result was a three-stage rocket.

– We started to shape ConductMe which is a platform where people from all over the world, with an interest in conductive pedagogy, can share knowledge and experience, communicate and create new relationships. In the meantime, we saw the need to digitize our own operations vis-à-vis employees and customers. But no existing solution felt quite right based on our wishes and requirements, says Eszter Horváth Tóthné.

Now the company is launching ConductHub a digital platform with functions that can be adapted to the needs of the business and with a focus on the user. Regardless of whether it is employees or customers, or both. The platform is completely web-based and should contribute to more efficient, smoother and smarter work. The aim is to free up time to instead use it in the best way, while ensuring that no information is missed or lost. On the platform, you can, among other things, gather knowledge, create training, share documents, inform and communicate in open or private customer room. And the target group is clear: companies where people are the focus.

– Thanks to our experience in care and personal assistance, we understand what really creates value for customers, employees and organizations. Therefore, all companies can use ConductHub, regardless of size, industry and business concept. I usually say that you can call it what you want. Platform, tool or software. The most important thing is that it helps you and your customers, explains Eszter Horváth Tóthné.

It was in 1997 that Eszter Horváth Tóthné started Move & Walk, which today has operations in care, school and care. All are based on the conductive pedagogy, which is why security and integrity are at the top of the list of requirements in addition to simple and flexible functions.

– We handle and protect sensitive information every day and we know that more and more people are asking for it when choosing technical solutions. Therefore, you can on ConductHub choose where everything should be stored, who can access which content and whether you want to integrate with existing work systems. The idea is for our customers to build their own digital universe to ultimately free up time for their customers, concludes Eszter Horváth Tóthné.

About conductive pedagogy

Conductive pedagogy is a special pedagogical, interdisciplinary and complex knowledge system that simultaneously develops the motor, social, cognitive and communicative abilities. The focus is the individual’s independence. Conductive pedagogy was created by the Hungarian doctor András Pető in the 1940s.

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