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12 Signs It’s Time to Quit – How Many Are You Checking Off?

During the holidays, many people get time to reflect on their life situation and all that it entails, and it is not uncommon for people to realize that they do not want to go back to their jobs. Are you one of them? Then it may be time to strike a blow, and already now during the holiday. If you check off at least eight of the statements below, the answer is yes – you should do something else!

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There are many things that can make people stay at their workplaces longer than they really want (and should). A steady job, a good salary, nice colleagues or a good boss. In other cases, it could be something as simple as actually having a job, as they obviously don’t grow on trees.

Maybe a brand new door is waiting to be opened? Filled with possibilities and new paths. If you can check off at least eight of the statements below, it’s time to start thinking about whether you might do something different than what you’re doing today.

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#1 Every Friday the minutes after 5:00 p.m. you are the happiest in the world – because every Sunday at the same time you want to pull the covers over your head

#2 You live for the weekend and not to mention the holidays

#3 Once you have the vacation, you focus mostly on not wanting to go back to work

#4 You no longer do your best at work for the simple reason that you don’t feel motivated

#5 You don’t care if the company you work for is doing well or badly

#6 You don’t share the same values ​​as the company you work for

#7 Even if you were to get a new role at work, you would not be satisfied with your situation

#8 You don’t see any future in your job, but it’s all about persevering in order to eventually find something new

#9 You enjoy the colleagues but not the tasks

#10 You have a boss who doesn’t motivate or inspire you

#11 You can imagine saying you are sick to avoid work from time to time

#12 When you think about work, you feel a lump of anxiety in your stomach

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How many items did you check off? Maybe it’s time to schedule that meeting with your boss today.

And youyou are cruel and deserve to be whistled on the way to work.

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