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Bingo Rimér and Katrin Zytomierska in a meeting with the social after the “pimps and hoes” party

After the fall’s attention-grabbing “pimps and hoes” party, Katrin Zytomierska and Bingo Rimér were reported to social services, Zytomierska now tells in the podcast Nemo meets a friend. “The notifications just poured in,” she says according to The Express.

Photo: Instagram @katrinzytomierska/@bingorimer

In September, Katrin Zytomierska arranged a birthday party with the theme “pimps and hoes”, something that was criticized on social media when her and Bingo Rimér’s children appeared at the party dressed as prostitutes. Rimér’s girlfriend Julia Franzén also received criticism after posting a video on the way to the party where she asks the children, who are 9 and 12 years old, what they would imagine – to which they replied “whores”.

Katrin Zytomierska: “Being reported to social services every now and then”

Shortly after the incident, Zytomierska and Rimér published the following apology on Instagram:

“It feels strange to have to explain and apologize for yesterday’s incident, but when it concerns the children, we see no other choice than to explain to those of you who are upset. The fact that some of you associate two little boys dressed as girls as having something sexual to represent you. We have not intended to do so and in our view we have not done so either,” they wrote.

Now Zytomierska tells us that, despite the above apology, she and Rimér were reported to social services after the incident:

“Nobody has missed what happened with my 45th birthday party. That I’m the most unfit parent there is and the reports just kept pouring in. There were so many horrors,” she says in the podcast Nemo meets a friend.

According to Zytomierska, the reports led to her and Rimér having to go to a meeting with social services, which did not lead to any further investigation:

“The social services immediately see how suitable we are as parents and how perfect our children are, but of course you have to act if you think there is a reason. I get reported to social services every now and then, I’m starting to get used to them there. I think it’s regrettable that people take resources from families like ours, but the fact that the opportunity exists is a good thing in itself,” she writes in a text message to The evening paper.

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