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9 cities in Europe not to be missed on New Year’s Eve

No plans for New Year’s Eve? So, check out these suggestions of 9 cities in Europe not to be missed on New Year’s Eve.

Almost arriving the most magical time of the year and right after the party of New Year’s Eve?? So you can do something different this year, we reveal the 9 cities in Europe not to be missed on New Year’s Eve??

It is true that Portuguese cities are always lively and there is no shortage of parties to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

But why not do something different this year? As it is a complicated time in financial terms – Christmas gifts cannot be bought alone – pay attention to these suggestions of cities in Europe for New Year’s Eve that are not too expensive.

9 cities in Europe not to be missed on New Year’s Eve

If you prefer to receive 2023 in a more elegant, refined and sophisticated style, then Vienna is the place to be. Head straight to the Old Town, which on this very special night is completely converted into a huge party area, whose center is the New Year Route and which consists of a series of streets that combine with the celebrations, where there is no shortage of parties, food and music for all tastes. And of course there is no shortage of traditional fireworks to celebrate the arrival of midnight.


Amsterdam (Netherlands)

At any time of the year, one of the best European cities to visit is Amsterdam. The city center has an active nightlife and is the perfect place to celebrate the arrival of midnight. You will be able to meet people from all corners of the world, in a lively and libertine city and of course, witness the incredible fireworks displays in Nieuwmarkt, Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein.

This really is an amazing city to enjoy not only the Christmas celebrations, but also the lively New Year festivities. And there’s something you really can’t miss: being present at the Grand Place, as it really is the ideal place to admire the fireworks. After that, the most sought after bars and clubs are just around the corner.

Marvel at one of the most beautiful and least expensive European capitals in this New Year’s Eve and receive 2023 in a way you never expected: in another country.

Everything here is affordable, from dinner to bars, so even with slightly higher prices on one of the longest nights of the year – after all, where does this not happen? – New Year’s Eve in Budapest is the perfect time to discover an amazing place.

Krakow is the most cultural and student city in Poland. And yes, quite cold! However, in the midst of so much partying and street dancing, to visiting the most famous bars in the city, and enjoying good and cheap food and drink, the low temperatures will be the least of your worries.


Prague (Czech Republic)

The beautiful capital of the Czech Republic is a white winter paradise at the end of the year. This whole atmosphere, in itself, is already so charming and romantic, so this property could be the ideal destination for a couple who want to do something different next time. New Year’s Eve??

The German capital always gathers thousands of people around New Year’s Eve

Berlin is considered the most “underground” city in Europe and, as such, one of the most interesting for young people to discover. There are plenty of affordable options to party the night away, plenty of clubs, cafes and bars offering the perfect atmosphere. And, of course, some of the best beers in Europe.

Nobody would quickly think that Belgrade is one of the cities with the liveliest nightlife, but it is the reality. So why not consider it a destination?

It is definitely one of the cheapest cities in Europe for New Year’s Eve. Try to find a spot on a boat and listen to the midnight ballads on the Danube and you’re guaranteed a night you’ll never forget.

Edinburgh is a city that really knows how to have fun and this is clearly visible on every New Year’s Eve. There is no shortage of concerts and street festivals, decorated castles full of animation and, of course, the typical pubs, which on this night gain another charm.

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