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How to find out who unfriended you on Facebook

There are certain situations that Facebook does not notify you of. One of these is removed friendships. Find out who unfriended you on facebook.

You may not notice the number of friends you have on Facebook. You may not even memorize that number and just worry about using the social network for all the other features it offers.

Therefore, if it is a frequent user of this network, you know that, among the notifications you receive daily, friendships that have been canceled are not covered. However, you can now find out which who unfriended you on facebook.

Who unfriended you on Facebook?

O Facebook does not provide this information to the user. This means that, when using that social network, you cannot access a feature that informs you about the friendships that you have lost since creating an account on that platform.

As such, and if you want to have access to this information, you will have to use a software external to provide you with all the data you are looking for.

For this, you can access the Deleteda platform that brings together all the friendships you’ve had and lost over a certain period of time and that can even be used as an extension of Google Chrome.

Unlike networks like Twitter or Instagram, it is more difficult to obtain this type of information on Facebook, because the user himself will have to define a time interval during which he has lost, or not, a certain number of “friends”. .

Thus, to be able to use Deleted correctly, you will have to do Login on the platform with your Facebook. From then on, this software will access your current list of friends and save it in its own database.

In turn, this database will, basically, be the pillar of Deleted’s work, which will use it to compare the friends it has, those it has removed and those who have removed it. You will also have access to the profiles that deleted you as a friend because they were just deactivated.

For this to work correctly, and after doing the Login previously (in a previous period of time), you will have to use the platform again later to find out who unfriended you.

In other words, this means that it is the user himself who has to create a time interval in which he wants to consult all the “lost” friendships. In this sense, it is important to explain that the longer this interval is, the more information you will be able to obtain.

As a matter of logic, it is natural that, in the course of two to five days, it is most likely not to have missed many calls (if not none at all).

As such, the best thing will be to define a longer period of time (like two to four weeks, for example) to use Deleted again and thus understand which people have removed you as a friend from Facebook. Through this platform you will also be able to see which new friends you have made.

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