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3 zodiac signs will have the worst days from November 29 to December 4

The week from November 28 to December 4, 2022 it will be complicated for 3 zodiac signs after they will feel like they are taking steps backwards instead of advancing towards their goals, the positive side is that they will be able to overcome it.

Everything is in the perspective that they adopt, if they see it as a sign to take a break in the midst of their hectic lifestyle, the energies will flow as they have been doing, this is how the horoscope has predicted it.

Astrologers explain that these 3 signs could face great challenges thanks to the planetary movements of the week. In an article on StyleCaster.com, they detailed that Mars is currently in retrogression in Gemini and is in square to Neptune, which hinders our ability to process information.

Then, the red planet will make a conjunction with Saturn and will make us see life from another perspective, however, some could receive things that were not on the radar.

These transits, among others, give the “negative” note for the following signsbut the horoscope tells them what to expect and how they can get through these days.

It is likely that your stress is at its peak this week because you will realize that you have wasted a lot of time compensating others and not yourself. Your kindness is not always appreciated and that alters you emotionally. The horoscope suggests that you take some time to analyze and reclaim your power, so that you can learn the lessons and be more insightful going forward.

Conversations that went up in tone will be presented again with those same people. The positive side is that now you can show the confidence and courage you lacked in the past, you will only have to turn to your wisdom. Balance is the key this week in all your relationships.

If you stick to your goals the emotional overload you will feel this week you will be able to overcome it with less complication. The planetary movements these days could cloud your judgement, but they also help you stay stable and focused. You must verify each situation well, specifically, in matters of finances and spending habits.

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