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Zencard credit card: how to apply and advantages!

For those looking for a good credit card Zencard can be a good option as it is a card account that can be used whenever, however and wherever you want.

Having a credit card for any urgency is essential these days. Nowadays, people almost cannot live without a credit card in hand.

The practicality to shop in physical stores or online, in addition to helping a lot in everyday life. Come with us and learn about the advantages of this card.

If you want to know more about Zencard, we’ve gathered some information you need to know to apply for one and its advantages. Check out!

What this article covers:

What is the Zencard credit card?

The Zencard credit card is a card account. With it, the customer can make cash withdrawals from anywhere in the country.

It has no fees, but works like a regular bank account. Top-ups can be made up to R$ 5,000 per month and the customer is not subject to discounts.

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As it is a prepaid credit card, it does not have interest and it is possible to request one even with a dirty name or negative in other banks.

The Zencard card is accepted at any establishment that accepts the Mastercard brand and also works as an international card.

How to apply for the ZenCard prepaid card?

It is possible to request the Zencard prepaid card through the website www.zencard.com.br or application where the customer can monitor all activities carried out with the card, in addition to consulting statements, making transfers, generating slips and more.

How do I activate my ZenCard?

To activate your Zencard card, simply access the website www.zencard.com.br, click on “Activate card”, log in and confirm the requested information.

And how do I recharge?

To top up your card, simply generate a bank slip through Zencard’s Internet Banking, make the payment and wait the 3 business days that the bank asks to verify the payment.

  • Login to Zencard’s Internet Banking
  • Select the ticket option
  • Set the recharge amount
  • Check the information filled in.

It is important to check that the data is correct before confirming. After all, all care with our money and personal data is little.

Advantages of the ZenCard credit card

With the Zencard credit card, it is not necessary to go through all the bureaucracy that conventional banks offer and it does not suffer discounts.

Advantages of the ZenCard credit card

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Even with the name negative in other banking institutions, it is possible to make the request

The customer can top up whenever he wants to use the money whenever and wherever he wants. All activities can be monitored through the website and by SMS alerts.

Disadvantages of the Zencard card

The Zencard credit card does not make installments, in addition, the issue of waiting 3 working days for the recharge money to fall into the account can be overcome for those who are used to the famous Pix..

ZenCard card and account fees

For each recharge, R$ 3.00 and R$ 5.00 per month are charged. These fees are only for keeping the account active.

To make withdrawals, you need to register through the YAP system, which will allow you to make withdrawals at CAIXA AQUI affiliated lottery outlets. BRL 5.90 is charged per withdrawal.

Now that you know the Zencard credit card, how to apply and its advantages, it’s time to decide whether or not to apply.

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