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Have you already paid the IMI? Deadline is ending

Those with IMI over 500 euros have until the end of the month to pay the last installment of the tax. Avoid fines and penalties.

If you are the owner of a house, land or building, do not forget that the deadline for payment of the last IMI installment ends on the day 30th of November??

It should be remembered that the payment methods for Municipal Property Tax are as follows:

  1. Anyone who has an IMI value equal to or less than €100 will have to make the payment in May, in a single payment.
  2. Those who have between €100 and €500 of IMI will have to pay the first installment in May and a second installment in November.
  3. Anyone who has to deliver IMI over 500 euros must pay the tax in three moments: May, August and November.

Remember that if you do not pay the IMI (or if you do it after the legal deadline) you will be subject to penalties. The default interest and tax charges are added to the amount of the missing tax. Which means that the longer the delay in payment, the higher the fine.

Therefore, it is important to be careful not to let the deadline pass, otherwise, in addition to paying off all the installments at once, you will also have to pay default interest and procedural costs.

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