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Wonderful Clara talks about exhaustion in Winter in P1

Clara “Underbaraclara” Lidström’s Winter in P1 has received a lot of attention after she talked about her experiences as exhausted. The winter talk has received good reviews and the comment fields have testified of people who recognize the difficulties of listening to the body and prioritizing rest.

Photo: Swedish Radio/Mattias Ahlm

In her Winter in P1, the blogger Clara Lidström tells about how she suffered from exhaustion as a mother of small children. It all had its basis in an imbalance between workload, life as a parent of small children and too little recovery.

If there is something that Clara brings up in her winter talk, it is exactly that, the importance of recovery. People can handle stress, and we can work hard. But it is when the recovery is not in relation to the efforts that exhaustion and burnout become a real danger.

In her Winter Talk, Clara highlights the importance of also looking at recovery as a job, that it is something that costs money and therefore something you have to invest in and that takes time. She also highlights that this is why issues of health are important to consider from a class perspective, as we have different opportunities and different ease of doing just this. “When you understand that health is a project that takes time, then you also understand why health is a class issue. If you have a heavy and tiring job, poorly paid, have little control over your working hours or need to work two jobs to support your family, then you have little opportunity to make an effort for your health. There is no time,” she says in her Winter talk.

Stress is not dangerous, but the lack of recovery is. This insight is something that is at the center throughout her Winter Talk. Man can stress, but must rest afterwards, and basically it’s about finding the balance between these two. It is with thoughtfulness and calmness in her voice that Clara Lidström explains exactly this to the listener and gives insights that most people would feel good about listening to.

You can listen to Clara Lidström’s Winter in P1 here.

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