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Rare 50 cent coins: check it out!

Currently, there are rare 50 cent coins, enough to be worth a lot of money on the coin collectors market. Find out in this post more about the possible most valuable 50 cent coins.

A 50 cent coin can have its value increased and improved in the market, due to its advanced age, since it was produced each coin is worth its economic memory of how Brazil was at that time, so we have and can conclude with this that many people aim to have really old coins.

During this post we will also show you more details about coins that can be worth much more money than they originally appeared when they were issued by the Brazilian Mint.

What this article covers:

What are rare 50 cent coins?

Among the rare 50 cents coins that you can find there, always check if your coin has a different number or design than usual, because in addition to the year they are manufactured, coins sometimes tend to come with a 0 missing in its production.

These flaws have already occurred both for the commemorative coins of the Olympics, and for the 50 cent coins considered as “anomalous” that were made with the 0 missing in their factory compositions of the Casa da Moeda do Brasil.

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These are really rare 50 centavos coins, which are worth a good amount of money, ranging from 700 to 1500 reais between their two types, and depending on the type and conditions found when sold.

These two types of rare 50 centavos coins, some have already been used, others collected by the Casa da Moeda do Brasil, and there are those that still remain on the market and even in e-commerce sometimes, for your purchases to be even more practical and objective even if they are not cheap.

Where can I find them?

These rare 50 cent coins can even be found one or the other in your old piggy bank, or in that old wallet you retired a few years ago. But, it varies from what you aim for when it comes to these coins, whether you want them to buy as a collector, or to sell them.

But if you intend to sell it, we usually find it lost or in an old safe or wallet, but if you are interested in collecting it, you can find it for sale with other collectors or on the internet, in private or open auctions.

How much are they worth?

Rare 50 cent coins can be worth 700 reais and up to 1500 reais depending on how their current condition is, where they will be sold. Anomalous coins can be confused with normal 50 cent coins even though they still don’t have the number zero.

How much are they worth
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This only depends on the attention of the owner of each one, who would need to notice the fact that he is giving, exchanging, or paying his bill with a valuable 50 cent coin, without even realizing it.

Imagine that since there is a need for the Mint, there are people moving and using coins in their routines and daily lives, some business owners and even banks may have rare coins, and very old ones. It just depends on what cultural baggage that person carries with them in terms of coins.

Why are they rare?

These beauties can be extremely old and have the most varied finishes in their design. They are incredibly different coins from what we are used to seeing normally, and make the 1 real coins somewhat iconic too, after all there are not only rare 50 cent coins, there are also rare and very valuable 1 real coins.

Those of 50 cents are summed up in having this look that we have known so much for years, mostly, and their productions per year have absurd numbers. After all, all Brazilians carry that famous piece of change somewhere in their wallet, pocket or something like that so when they pay something, they do it effortlessly.

The tip here is always to check, if you don’t have a rare 50 cent coin in your possession before using it, then always look at the number present in the value engraving of your coins.

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