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With how many overdue bills cut water and other domestic supports in 2022!

It is not new that we know that overdue bills cut off all domestic support. However, this does not work at any time, there are defined deadlines for cutting each of the domestic supports, including the water in the residence.

Therefore, those who do not have their bills up to date must pay attention to the deadlines so as not to be taken by surprise. Next, check how many overdue accounts cut domestic support.

What this article covers:

Overdue bills cuts home usage?

According to Consumer Protection Code (CPC), late bills cuts any fixed expense of a residence, such as energy and internet. In view of this, every concessionaire can and must cut the supply of its services, in case the consumer has outstanding bills.

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However, cutting is not carried out quickly. According to the defined law, every concessionaire responsible for providing a service must notify the user of their overdue bills during the term. Each of them defines a period, outside of which the company has no right to perform the service interruption.

What is the cut-off notice?

Since 2020, federal legislation has come into force in Brazil on overdue accounts that cut off water and any other fixed expenses. This legislation imposes that all concessionaires must send prior notice of cut to the debtor before carrying out the action.

This action was developed so that the consumer is aware of the future cut due to non-payment. Therefore, the concessionaire must expose the date that the suspension will occur and the reasons. After sending the prior notice, the cut will only be carried out after 15 days. In addition, the suspension of any service must take place during business hours.

Why do we pay for drinking water?

Overdue accounts cut the water. These accounts are mandatory throughout the national territory in order to avoid wasting water and make its use rational. Water is a good that needs to be preserved, so it should not be used uncontrollably.

In addition, the amounts collected from citizens with the water bill are passed on to preservation programs, maintenance of sanitation services and the continuation of supply operations.

It is for these reasons that the tariff becomes mandatory for all Brazilians. Thus, overdue bills cut the water until the consumer settles payments for the new service connection.

Is there a cut in overdue water bills?

Overdue bills cut off water, as well as other basic services. However, this action can only be carried out by the concessionaire after a period of 90 days from the expiration of an account. After this period, there is no possibility of suspension of the service.

There is the cut of overdue water bills

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In addition, prior to cancellation, the user must receive prior notice so that they are aware of the possibility of a service interruption. If the citizen does not pay the pending items within the period, the company becomes authorized to complete the suspension.

How does it work if lagging other home supports?

Overdue bills cut water services and other domestic supports. Each of them offers its deadline for carrying out the suspension. According to the law, they must strictly follow their own definitions before cutting. Check out how it works:

Electricity bill

In the case of electricity, overdue bills cut services to consumers who have not made the payment for at least 90 days. After this period, prior notice is sent to the citizen, who in this case will have 15 days to regularize before the suspension.

If payment is not made, the responsible company may suspend its services and resort to credit protection agencies. For large debts, consumers can arrange the payment method with the company. In the case of light, it is possible to divide the pendency up to 12 times.

internet account

In addition to basic rates, overdue bills cut off the internet as well. Only in this case, there is the so-called partial suspension. It occurs after 30 days of account delay and suspends only part of the service. With another 30 days, the total suspension takes place, but also with prior notice.

According to Anatel, if the customer regularizes his situation with the company, the services must be carried out within 24 hours after the total discharge of the delays.

How important is water to human life?

Overdue bills cut water as a method of encouraging control of this element’s spending. Water is considered extremely important for human life. A person needs about 4 liters of water a day for their body to function as expected. In addition, the element is essential for various day-to-day activities, such as cleaning environments, preparing food and personal hygiene. For this reason, it is impossible to live without drinking water.

How to help the planet?

The entire planet needs water for survival, so it is important to save as much of this natural resource as possible. For this, it is necessary to avoid faulty faucets, use the hose only when necessary, reduce daily discharges and reuse water already used for other domestic services.

With small actions it is possible to avoid a water crisis and preserve the planet Earth in the best possible way. Ensuring the economy and controlling end-of-month expenses is the least that every human being should do.

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