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Which banks lend to BPC?

Receiving BPC is a right of many people with special needs, but did you know that these people can also get a loan for BPC?

The BPC loan is an exclusive loan for those who enjoy the BPC benefit and are in need of extra money. Let’s get to know which banks offer the loan for BPC and how they work. Check out!

What this article covers:

How does the payroll loan for BPC work?

BPC is an acronym for Continuous Provision Benefit, which is a right of people with disabilities or special needs that prevent them from working fully. The benefit also extends to seniors over 65.

Unlike INSS benefits, the BPC does not require the beneficiary to be a contributor in order to enjoy the benefit. The benefit is modest, equivalent to the value of a minimum wage, but it is still a welcome financial support in the domestic economy of those who are entitled.

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And BPC beneficiaries had something new this year. The loan for BPC was approved. The loan for BPC works in a very similar way, almost identical to what we know as a “payroll loan”, loans that are deducted directly from the INSS payroll.

This makes the loan for BPC have much lower and affordable interest rates.

Who receives the BPC aid and what requirements?

As we said, the BPC is a benefit for disabled and elderly people over 65 years old. The amount reaches a minimum wage and whoever receives it must meet certain criteria and requirements. Firstly, the disabled must have been suffering from their condition for at least two years.

There is also a medical analysis as well similar to the INSSand a financial analysis in which it is examined whether the per capita family income of the candidate to be a beneficiary is greater than a quarter of a minimum wage.

How to analyze which is the best bank for the BPC loan?

But it is not just because the BPC loan is available that it should be done lightly at any institution.

How to analyze which is the best bank for the BPC loan

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Let’s learn some criteria that must be observed when hiring the service.

Interest rate

Interest rates on a BPC loan are already low, but still look for that bank that has the best rates and offers the best loan plans.


The CET is something that should be very carefully examined when making a loan because it can see more than just interest rates, but all the loan charges.

hiring platforms

Nowadays, with digital accounts and secure applications, it is much easier to take out a home loan. So try to contract your BPC loan in an application, much more comfortable.

Customer service

Good customer service is essential for a company, even to answer questions about the service. Look for banks and finance companies that do not sin in this regard.


Reputation is everything for any institution that works with third-party finance. Get your BPC loan only from the best financial institutions.

What are the banks that make payroll loans for BPC?

Let’s get to know the main banks that offer the loan for BPC that you can trust!

Bank of Brazil

Banco do Brasil is a reference in payroll loans and is also offering loans to BPC. A great option!


Caixa also has a great loan for BPC and payroll and is one of the institutions that release borrowed credit faster.

pan bank

Banco Pan already works with loans for BPC and has one of the lowest interest rates among all. It is worth checking!


One of the coolest advantages of taking out a loan at Bradesco is that the bank gives you up to 120 days to pay the first installment.


Itaú also works with a lot of margin between the loan and the first invoice, but with only 90 days. But it’s a great option too.


Santander also presents itself as a great option that offers a loan for BPC. Easy and fast, just access the bank application.

With all these loan options for BPC, if you enjoy the right, now you know where to turn in a time of need or investment!

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