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Which zodiac signs have the worst sense of humor

If you consider that you were not born lucky enough to be funny or nice, it could be the fault of the stars because, according to astrology, the signs of the zodiac determine how our sense of humor is.

The astrological personality influences how we express emotions and in general the way we perceive life. While some signs have a light and pleasant sense of humor, the humor of others is black and prickly.

In the second group are signs that see life from a different perspective, so their way of having fun is not understood by everyone. This means that, while many have the worst sense of humor, for others they turn out to be wacky. Based on a YourTango ranking, we tell you which signs have the worst sense of humor.

Aquarius is the most independent sign of the Zodiac, so it’s no surprise that their sense of humor is closed. They do not show emotions and are distant from feelings, which is why they lack the grace to tell jokes, however, they see the calamities of life with humor.

Capricorn’s personality is serious, they don’t laugh at jokes and even think they are ridiculous. The reason is that for this sign it is not logical to laugh at its own misfortunes, much less those of third parties. When you don’t take life so seriously you can relax and enjoy a little more fun.

Cancer’s humor is tragic because they use jokes to hide their emotions. Perhaps they feel that they are funny, but to others they could be insulting and cheeky.

Taurus dislikes people who become the buffoons at the party, so you will never see them trying to attract attention with jokes and jokes. However, his sense of humor is involuntary, they are funny without meaning to.

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