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What does a negative marriage certificate mean?

Not everyone knows what a negative marriage certificate is, what its purpose is and how to apply. There really are many doubts regarding the document. To help you with this, we have gathered some fundamental information for you to better understand the meaning of a negative marriage certificate.

In some cases, such as civil acts, an updated or negative certificate is requested. See what a negative marriage certificate means, what it is and why it needs to be updated. Follow below!

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What is a Negative Marriage Certificate?

A negative marriage certificate is when nothing appears in a notary file search. The interested person provides the necessary data and a verification is carried out at the registry office, and if nothing is found regarding the requested record, a negative certificate is issued or nothing is recorded.

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This document is requested when an individual or legal entity needs to be legally proven before public bodies.

What is the negative certificate for?

The document serves to confirm that there are no pending issues. Basically, the document is a certificate that warns that the natural or legal person is in good standing in a financial sense.

It is common for this type of certificate to be requested in some processes such as occurrence, bidding, approvals, banks and loans or registration.

What does negative marriage certificate mean?

The negative marriage certificate means that individuals do not have financial pending with the public body.

Negative certificates are required to carry out procedures for the acquisition of companies. The general function of this document in these cases is to guarantee the security of transactions, so that the person, whether natural or legal, is in good standing at the time of signing contracts to carry out the purchase.

The value of a negative certificate reaches the value of R$ 53.47. In that case, it depends a lot on the type of certificate, so you need to consult a notary physically or online. By making the request it is possible to normally enjoy the function of this document that can save us in some moments.

Why does the marriage certificate have to be updated?

In order to have a civil marriage, the marriage or birth certificate of the interested parties is required. The requested documents will prove the marital status of the two parties from birth, in addition to proving whether the person is divorced or not.

There are cases in which it is possible to issue a negative certificate even with financial pending before public bodies. In this case, it is possible to issue the negative certificate with positive effect.

Why does the marriage certificate need to be updated?

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In this case, the negative certificate is obtained, but it is still pending regularization or is suspended.

There is a bill, Law 5405/10, which requires notary offices not to force people to update their marriage certificates every 90 days. The notary can only demand the document after 12 months (1 year). In cases of ineligibility, the document may be required.

The marriage certificate can be updated at any registry office. This request can be made online and the document is sent directly to your home.

In notary, it is possible to consult every civil act that a person has already done. This means that when someone gets married, it is noted on the birth certificate.

To put it simply, updating the birth certificate confirms something that was done. The certificate can be updated upon payment.

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