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What do you do and what do you bring to a company?

With the evolution of technology and the massive presence of the population on the internet, companies from different sectors have bet on a growing migration to the digital world. According to a survey by the Regional Center for Studies on the Information Society, 57% of Brazilian companies use the internet to publicize services and make sales.

However, success on the internet depends on a series of techniques that need to be implemented on pages and websites of any company, such as digital relationships, paid media campaigns, inbound marketing and the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)a strategy for optimizing content for search engines.

A good position on Google, in a market with wide business competition, can be a determining factor for companies that want to stand out. Through a grouping of techniques, the seo experts proposes an organic growth of online businesses, ensuring more traffic and visibility through good positioning on search platforms.

To understand the role of an SEO specialist in a company it is necessary to better understand what SEO is and its importance for an online business. In general, SEO is a set of techniques applied to a website, internally or externally, with the aim of making it optimized to occupy good positions on Google and be found faster by those looking for content related to what it is. has to offer.

SEO specialists are responsible for planning, organizing and implementing the ranking strategy. After companies enter the digital environment and finalize the website creationthese specialists appear to fulfill a number of functions such as keyword mapping, compliance of the site with Google standards, data analysis, content strategy planning and link building.

During the work in the company, the specialist will observe, from the point of view of SEO, how the performance of the site or page can improve. Based on the analysis, he will plan optimization strategies, monitor the results and evaluate them correctly.

It is important to point out that an SEO specialist is different from an analyst. While the analyst plays the role of a collaborator to carry out work within a team, the specialist conducts the projects on his own, starting from the SEO audits.

An SEO specialist is able to think of strategies so that the contents of a given website meet the requirements of search engines. He can also act by adjusting and adapting a portal previously created by another professional.

Improved results in organic website searches, increased brand conversions and increased website authority are some of the advantages that an SEO specialist can bring to a company.

What this article covers:

Improves organic search results!

The first highlight for the work of an SEO specialist is the advancement in the rankings of organic search results on Google, that is, the company will have positive returns without the use of paid advertisements. In this way, the target audience will be able to find the brand page more easily, which in turn can contribute to the popularization of the company.

Increase in conversions!

Having a good positioning on search platforms tends to directly impact the increase in brand conversions. In general, conversion rates are measurements used on a website to promote a marketing action. With their increase, the tendency is for greater engagement to occur, which, consequently, can lead to an increase in sales.

Constant monitoring!

One of the job characteristics of an SEO specialist is the constant monitoring of the performance of the company’s website. This is because if an implemented strategy is not able to reach the designated audience, then he needs to optimize the site or content as soon as possible. Having frequent monitoring of SEO strategies gives the company a regular outline of campaign progress.

Increases the digital authority of the brand!

With the increase in the number of companies in the digital environment, which results in ample competition, companies are not always able to acquire a certain authority in the niche in which they operate. Having good positions in the main search engines on the internet demonstrates that a brand is popular with the public and stands out from the rest.

As a result of this ranking, which can be obtained with the work of an SEO specialist, the credibility of a brand tends to increase, also making it an authority on the subject.

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