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What are independent investment agents?

The growing number of Brazilians starting to invest is responsible for the increased demand for professionals who can help in this process, they are called autonomous investment agents.

The number of self-employed investment agents grew by 51%, leading to more than 12,500 professionals working in this new market. If you want to understand everything about this profession, check it out below.

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What are independent investment agents?

Self-employed investment agents are professionals who help clients choose the best investment, taking important factors into account, such as: available funds, the client’s objectives and each investor’s profile.

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The name of the profession was given by the CVM, an autonomous entity that is linked to the Ministry of Economy. Professionals entitled autonomous investment agents must fulfill all the attributions necessary for the exercise of the profession. In the United States, around 1.3 million people perform this function, which, in addition to being well paid, can be very pleasurable for individuals who enjoy this area of ​​activity.

What is the function of autonomous investment agents?

Independent financial agents know “all the rules of the game” – that is, they understand exactly how the financial market works – their primary function is to clarify all doubts and advise their clients, thus, they end up becoming essential figures for their clients’ investments .

Agents can explain how financial investments work, such as stocks, real estate funds, fixed income and others. It offers investment products, however, it does not have a direct link with financial institutions, but rather a distribution agreement, and operates through a distribution platform. That way he has access to the best products for sale and analysis.

What does an autonomous investment agent need to act?

Check below the step-by-step process necessary to become an independent investment agent.

  1. Pass the Ancord test
  2. Request accreditation
  3. Adhere to the code of conduct
  4. Register with the CVM

To pass the Ancord test, you must get at least 70% of the assessment right, which has 80 multiple-choice questions. This test aims to test the candidate’s knowledge about the financial market, the profession of autonomous financial agent and investment products.

The assessment can be performed by anyone who has completed high school. The only restriction is for people with a criminal record and unable to manage their own assets.

Where can I check the status of independent investment agents?

The query can be made at Regulated General Registry from the CVM, to access this page you don’t even need to leave your home, as everything is available on the website. That way, you don’t have to worry, as you can safely check the status of independent investment agents.

Hiring self-employed investment agents is safe because their technical skills are assessed by competent authorities. The most recommended professional is the one who puts the client’s objectives as a priority and respects all necessary records.

Where can I check the situation of autonomous investment agents

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Now you know exactly what independent investment agents are, what they do, and how to safely check the status of each one. Be sure to take advantage of everything that this professional offers for your investments; or even, if you are interested, joining this promising career, which has only grown in Brazil.

This is the best time to take advantage of the market’s growth potential, while it is still in its infancy, however, with the certainty of making great strides. Share this article also with those who need this knowledge.

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