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How can I register for the duplicate Copasa?

Do you know how to acquire the duplicate Copasa? Although it is still a common practice to issue slips, there are numerous problems such as loss, lack of delivery by the post office and other carriers or even losses by those who would pay. In all these cases, the time comes to resort to the duplicate and use it to pay the outstanding debt.

In the article we will talk about how to acquire the duplicate Copasa so that you do not default on the sanitation company in Minas Gerais.

What this article covers:

What is Copasa duplicate?

As we said, the boleto payment service is still going strong, even though virtual payment options are also growing and becoming popular. Some companies simply still prefer to use boletos to charge for their services.

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This is the case of Copasa, which is an important basic sanitation company in the State of Minas. Copasa takes sanitation to numerous municipalities in Minas Gerais and is the main company in this segment in the state. So, to be in default with this company is to be under a tightrope that can lead you to have your water supply cut off. To avoid this, let’s learn how to issue the duplicate Copasa.

How can I register for the duplicate Copasa?

If you are going through a postal strike in your city, or are the victim of constant failures by couriers or are simply a little inattentive person who tends to lose papers, then it is important to know how to issue the duplicate of the main documents.

If you are a resident of state of minesso it is very important that you also know how to issue the duplicate Copasa, and we are here to teach you exactly how to do it!

How can I register for the Copasa duplicate

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If you are a desktop user then the place where you can get a duplicate Copasa is through the company’s website. Entering the Copasa website, you will have to go to the top right corner of the website and look for the option “second way”.

After clicking on this option, you will be directed to a digital platform of Copasa itself where you will continue your request for the duplicate. This digital service platform will ask for some identification data such as the account holder’s name and CPF or CNPJ associated with that account.

After that, the site will ask for your access security code and then you will receive a duplicate Copasa ready to be paid!

For smartphone fans, the process is even easier since Copasa makes an application available in the Android and iOS mobile app stores. The process is the same, and just continue with the “request duplicate” option.

What value?

The process is completely free and you won’t have to worry about being charged for performing this service. You will only spend something if you need to print this Copasa duplicate.

What are the benefits of registering for the Copasa duplicate?

We have described above the classic situations in which a person may end up needing a Copasa duplicate due to the loss or misplacement of bank slips. But there are other situations of positive needs such as the agility to pay for virtual applications with the barcode or to use the account as proof of address.

What are the requirements to obtain the duplicate Copasa by registration?

To be able to make the request for the duplicate Copasa, it is enough that the individual has the data of the holder that are requested by the website or application.

What happens if I forget to register for the Copasa duplicate?

Unfortunately, if there is a default on the water bill, Copasa is authorized to cut off the supply to your home 90 days after the bill expires. So stay tuned.

Now that you know how to issue your duplicate Copasa you will no longer be caught off guard. Just use what you learned with us!

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