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Virtual credit card: how does it work?

The virtual credit card originated with the aim of providing more security when buying online. It helps keep physical card data protected, to prevent fraud and cloning. Learn more about him below!

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What is the virtual credit card?

It is a version of the physical card, but with the numbering changed. It has all the data of a common card, but it is only used for virtual purchases.

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It is an excellent alternative for those who do not feel secure in providing card details when purchasing from certain websites.

How does the virtual credit card work?

This card needs to be requested in the application of the banking institution, and it is necessary to have a physical card. It can be of two forms, which we list below:

recurring virtual card

Recurring cards can be used for services that are billed monthly, such as Spotify and Netflix. They do not have their number changed after purchase, but it is still a safe option as it is different from the physical card.

Temporary virtual card

Temporary cards are issued only for one purchase, and once used, a new one is generated with a different number.

This provides even more security when making purchases on sites that may not be reliable.

What is the cost of the virtual credit card?

One of the good points of the virtual credit card is that it is fee-free, meaning you pay nothing to obtain and use it.

What are the advantages of the virtual credit card?

Among the advantages of the virtual credit card, we can mention:

  • Greater security: when generating a new card, the old data is invalidated, making it impossible to make new purchases. Thus, the virtual credit card provides more security, in addition to the fact that, in case of loss or theft of the physical one, the virtual one can be used normally for purchases and payments.
  • Fee-free: As stated earlier, the virtual card is fee-free, so you pay nothing to use it.
    Same invoice: Virtual credit card expenses are included in the physical card invoice.

It is worth remembering that the virtual credit card limit is the same as the physical card.

Which banks offer virtual credit card?

If you have a physical credit card, just consult your bank’s application to find out about the possibility of obtaining a virtual card. However, it is possible to apply for free at many other institutions. Discover some of them below:

Which banks offer virtual credit card

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Customers, when opening an account at Santander, can apply for Santander X, a virtual credit card that offers discounts on the Esfera program and participation in Vai de Visa.


Neon is a 100% digital bank option, with a virtual credit card for people with income above R$800.00.


Nubank does not require a minimum income, and the virtual card is released for purchases as soon as the bank approves the request.


Itaú offers the Itaucard Click Visa, in which it is possible to obtain discounts of up to 50% in cinemas, supplies and partner stores.

Now that you’ve discovered the advantages of the virtual credit card, what are you waiting for to take advantage of its benefits? Check if your bank offers the virtual card and ask for yours now to make online shopping easier!

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