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Virtual applications and their use in Brazilian daily life

The apps market has been in continuous growth over the last few years in the world. In Brazil, adherence to digital applications could not have been more intense, manifesting itself in various everyday acts. Discover some of the most common uses for apps in Brazil.

The number of active smartphones in Brazil is surprising and has generated the interest of several scholars, and is also a frequent theme in the media. Alongside this use, another recurring theme concerns entrepreneurship and the growth of app markets worldwide and nationally.

In fact, more and more corporations and small brands are investing in their own apps, motivating the use of these apps. From applications for virtual purchases or orders, to those dedicated to leisure, communication and even news and various information consultation, there are many sectors that captivate Brazilian attention with their apps.

Focusing on the various types of existing apps, a question arises: how are Brazilians using apps? What are the most appreciated applications and what are their effective uses? Today, we present you 5 uses of applications that (almost) all Brazilians use in their daily lives.

What this article covers:

5 types of apps most used in Brazil

Brazilians use several apps and today, as we know, there really are apps for almost everything. We leave below a list of 5 application features that are highly sought after and used in our country:

1. Daily and monthly organization

Calendar and digital assistance apps are increasingly popular in Brazil and are being used in a very intense way for people to organize their days and months in a more dynamic and regular way.

There are several applications available for this purpose, and even some that launch reminders or send notifications so that there are no forgetting about events, meetings or other appointments made.

2. Search for the best offers and play online

Among Brazilian adults, something very popular are online casino apps. Of course, to play them and ensure they find the best deals, smartphone users are turning to websites like Free-Spins.netwhere you can find the best places to find the most interesting bonuses, promotions and free spins on the web.

On the other hand, the places indicated by this type of site also have applications that allow users to play anywhere and at any time.

Thus, it becomes common for Brazilians to use applications and websites with mobile adaptation to find the best offers and, of course, to take advantage of them.

3. Virtual consumption

Brazilian entrepreneurship can be seen in the app market related to e-commerce. The best-known brands and the most recent brands are betting on apps, following the trend of online consumption.

Due to the ease and enhanced security, more and more people appreciate the comfort of online shopping and do so regularly in their daily lives.

4. Order food and transportation

Going somewhere or eating something you feel like are also regular uses for mobile apps.

A very popular application for both functions in Brazil is Uberwhich allows you to order rides on account and food from the main food chains.

5. Communicate

Of course, the first purpose of the cell phone was not forgotten.

Today, you can easily communicate with friends or family anywhere on the globe with SMS, video or audio communication apps.

WhatsApp remains, for this very reason, one of the most used applications in the country.

The world bet on the applications market

The application market in the world moved around 6.3 trillion dollars that year and our country is one of the biggest contributors to that number.
According to data from the Pew Research Center, Brazil is in second place in terms of growth in the applications market, with only the Indonesian market currently showing greater growth.

This growth is due to the fact that more and more companies – large, medium and small – want to have their application, in order to reach potential customers in a more direct and effective way. Among the advantages mentioned by companies for investing in apps, factors such as the agility and autonomy that these apps allow, as well as the automation of many logistical processes, stand out.

Even though the phenomenon of growth in the apps market can be seen at an international level, there is no doubt that the increase in Brazilian entrepreneurship and the strong commitment to e-commerce and other digital sectors has been promoting the country’s prominence on the global stage.

The introduction of innovative tools and resources, as well as the dissemination of these applications, is also impacting their production and creation prices, facilitating access for smaller companies to this type of application.

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