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The signs of the zodiac in a date: which are the best and the worst

The signs of the zodiac can reveal if a person is good or bad for dating. It turns out that the horoscope influences how we behave before who our potential partner could be.

While we all have positive and negative traits, some show their best side while others tend to let out their more embarrassing traits.

However, this does not mean that a date is disastrous, after all, other characteristics influence such as zodiac compatibility or if you are facing a soul mate; You have to remember that in love there are no written rules.

That being said, the astrologers at Astrology Answers classified the zodiac signs that are best and worst for dating based on their reputation and that’s how both groups ended up.

The best signs for dating

Leos often leave a good impression on the first date by showing their kinder and more generous side. You can be bold and daring, something that most of your romantic interests appreciate as the relationship moves forward and does not stay stagnant.

This sign occupies a privileged place because it is easy for them to delve into their emotions from the first date. They are empathetic to their date’s emotions and make her feel comfortable. In addition, it is not difficult for him to be sincere and show his true interests.

The reason why Scorpio ranks third is because he manages to quickly establish an intimate connection with his dates. He doesn’t date anyone, I mean, to agree to date someone first he did extensive analysis to decide if he has potential or is better to let it go.

You don’t agree to a date “to see what happens,” you have a clear purpose, and you want your partner to know it up front. In addition, he is good at listening and giving an honest opinion, which he appreciates over time.

As an earth sign you are down to earth, yet ambitious and provide your date with the perfect balance to feel comfortable. Although it does not connect quickly on an emotional level, it will connect in other aspects such as professional and personal goals.

A Pisces is ideal for dating because they are empathetic, kind, generous and romantic. He will share his dreams and expectations with you, even if they are not entirely realistic, but it is certainly a sign with which he can easily connect.

The worst signs for dating

It’s not that it’s bad to date a Taurus, but at worst, he’ll agree to anything just to not be left alone. This attitude often causes him to get involved in relationships that have no future.

The bad thing about dating an Aquarius is that it leaves a feeling of confusion. You will not know if he is interested or not because it is a sign that it takes time to open his heart.

Gemini’s sociable and fun attitude can make your date nervous and desperate. It is a sign that is usually found anywhere, and what was a plan for 2 becomes 3 or 4.

Honesty can be brutal for some people, especially your date. Not everyone is ready to hear the truth, and Sagittarius says it without caring to hurt the sensitivity of his partner.

It could turn out to be the worst date for people who expect peace and harmony. He loves to socialize, buzz and have fun, which can be a nightmare for those hoping for a heart-to-heart.

This sign has a big flaw: it goes too fast. You want to live everything in one day and it can be disconcerting because with Aries it is not guaranteed that you will feel the same the following week.

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