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the secret of addictive entertainment

Tik Tok’s algorithm is one of the key pieces to make people spend hours and hours on the app. This algorithm is responsible for customizing each user’s For You feed and all the content that appears is personalized according to the person’s tastes and needs.

Learn more about the Tik Tok algorithm and discover the secret of this new entertainment.

What this article covers:

How does the algorithm work?

The Tik Tok algorithm is a complex methodology capable of making videos appear according to the user’s taste on the For You page, that is, the application’s initial feed. It is possible to say that two Tik Tok users will not see the same video on your For You page and that they can change according to the person’s searches or changing habits.

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Basically, the Tik Tok algorithm works to bring recommendations of personalized content to its user according to their interactions and personal characteristics, information collected through their own movement on the platform. Already in the person’s first contact with Tik Tok, he is already able to determine some recommendations to that user through his content classification.

The recommendation system of each social network is what makes them unique, so the algorithm is what most attracts people to certain social networks. In the past, social networks kept the operation of their algorithms in extreme secrecy, but recently most of them decided to share the whole mystery of the algorithms.

What are the working objectives of the Tik Tok algorithm?

Tik Tok is a success among youth and online culture today, unlike many existing social networks on the internet, Tik Tok manages to display an infinite movement of videos completely chosen according to the inclinations of each of the users.

The main goal of Tik Tok’s algorithm is to send personalized content to each of its users. The more the initial feed is geared towards that person’s style and tastes, the more time they will spend on the social network and the chances of possible content creation will increase.

With this, Tik Tok manages to keep its users on the platform and watch more and more videos. This system is responsible for making people addicted to your For You page, as only what they really want to see will appear there.

What is Tik Tok’s algorithm system tuned for?

Tik Tok’s algorithm system is tuned through the recommendations and interactions a user makes with content within the app. This page is responsible for keeping users hooked on other creations on the social network. Each one’s For You page is built around:

  • Accounts that the user follows;
  • Creators who have been muted by the user;
  • Comments made;
  • Shared videos;
  • Favorite videos;
  • Videos tagged as ”Not interested”;
  • Reported videos;
  • Videos watched until their end;
  • Content created.

In addition, account settings also make a difference in creating the for you of each person. The settings are responsible for optimizing the content and its performance. Tik Tok’s algorithm takes into account language preference, country, the type of device the account is logged in on, and categories that spark interest in the user.

Without a doubt, Tik Tok is a successful platform these days, not just for young people. Currently, the company has passed the 689 million active users on its platform. It also occupies the second place of most downloaded applications in recent times. Surely one of the reasons for all this success is because of its algorithms that manage to deliver what people want.

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