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Predictions Mexico vs Saudi Arabia: what will be the result, according to seers

Seers predicted the outcome of Mexico against Saudi Arabia.


After drawing against Poland and losing against Argentina, Mexican fans take out the calculator to find out what “Tata” Martino’s team needs to advance to the round of 16 of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, however, according to predictions of two renowned seers will not be necessary because it will not even be enough to beat Saudi Arabia.

According to the forecasts of the Major Sorcerer and the famous astrologer Mhoni Vidente, The Mexican Soccer Team will tie with the Arabswhich would indicate that the debacle of the tricolor team will be even bigger.

“I would say that they are going to tie” sentenced the Brujo Mayor when he was consulted by the comedian and Youtuber Lalo Elizarrarás regarding the results of Mexico in this World Cup.

It should be noted that the psychic had said that, against Poland, the Aztec team was going to win, which did not happen, and against Argentina hit the resultbecause he predicted that he would lose by two goals.

The one who was correct in the predictions of the first two games was Mhoni Vidente, who predicted the draw against Poland and the defeat against Argentina by Lionel Messi.

For the match against Saudi Arabia, which will take place next Wednesday, November 30 at the Lusail Stadium, the famous astrologer also predicted a tie.

In this way, two of the most famous psychics and seers in Mexico and Latin America have predicted that Mexico will tie with Saudi ArabiaIf this result occurs, it would be one of the worst performances of the Mexican team in the last World Cups.

Mexico is located at the bottom of Group C with one point; First place is Poland with 4 points, followed by Argentina with 3 and Saudi Arabia with 3 points.

To go to the round of 16, Mexico does not depend on itself. The most plausible combination you need is to have a loser between Poland and Argentina, and win your match against Saudi Arabia by a score of no less than 3 goals. If he draws or loses, he is automatically eliminated.

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