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The best credit cards for negative credit

In the Brazilian market, there are negative credit cards, which can be used normally in everyday life. Those in this situation have great difficulties in obtaining the release of any type of credit line.

Even so, it is possible to get negative credit cards and, in this way, pay for purchases in installments and obtain the advantages that this product offers.

In fact, when you do a quick search, you can see that there are many negative credit cards available, and some of them are even offered by large and renowned companies.

In that context, it’s not that difficult to get one. Follow the text and see how it works.

What this article covers:

Who is negative can have a credit card?

Yes, those who are in default can have access to credit cards for bad credit. This reality is possible because the market has specific options for those with a dirty name.

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Generally, the products offered are in the category of prepaid or payroll cards.

In any case, it is possible to get one of the credit cards to be negative as long as the requirements determined by the card company are met (there are different criteria). It is common for companies to require a minimum income and, in some cases, charge an annuity.

The best credit cards for negative credit

As previously mentioned, there are many credit card options available in the Brazilian market.

Check below some of these card alternatives that can be acquired by those who are in default:

Santander SX Visa Card

despite the Santander SX Visa has credit analysis at the time of hiring, it is usually approved even for those who are negative.

To get one, you must have a minimum income of R$1,045.00, or R$500.00 (if you are already a Santander customer). The annual fee for the product is free for invoices over R$100.00, in addition, it has discounts on some purchases.

C6 Bank Mastercard

Another option among negative credit cards is the C6 Bank Mastercard. To be approved, it also undergoes a credit analysis, but if the applicant is already a C6 Bank customer and operates their account regularly, it is easier to be approved. He has no annuity.

Inter Mastercard Payroll Card

As the name suggests, this option works in the form of a payroll card, that is, the amount of the invoice is automatically deducted from the customer’s salary or from the INSS benefit.

It has no annual fee and is accepted in establishments that work with the Mastercard flag. The downside is that not everyone can have access to one (since it’s consigned).

BMG Mastercard Payroll Card

This option is also of the consigned type. To get a BMG Mastercard Payroll Card, you must have a minimum income of BRL 1,212.00, it has no annual fee and is linked to a digital account at BMG bank.

Protest Mastercard Prepaid Card

Another credit card for negative reviews, the Proteste Mastercard works as a prepaid card, that is, to use it, you need to recharge it beforehand. It does not charge an annuity, but to get one, you must have a minimum income of R$ 1,100.00.

How to apply for a credit card even negative

Negative credit cards can be requested through the common paths for anyone interested in a card.

In general, the websites and applications of the institutions that administer these products can perform this process.

For those who prefer, you can also do this by phone or in person at bank branches (the latter option does not count for digital banks).

Is it worth having a negative credit card?

The quick answer to that question is: it depends. After all, negative credit cards guarantee an interesting purchasing power for the customer, but, in the wrong hands, it can mean a headache with the accumulation of debts.

Is it worth having a credit card when negative

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The tip at these times is to think about whether the product really represents a help or whether it will serve as a superfluous and unnecessary element.

The answer varies from case to case. For this reason, it is important to analyze your specific situation and calmly think about whether it is a good time to have a credit line of this type. In the right context, negative credit cards are really worth it.

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