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The benefits of moon water that everyone should know

Since time immemorial, human beings have taken advantage of the positive energy emitted by the moon when it is in full swing.

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According to most astrologers there are ways to take advantage of the energy emanated by the moon, when it is fully presented to eliminate negative vibrations and empower us positively.

In this sense, moon water is used to purify human beings, but what is interesting is to discover how it can be produced during each full moon and then used for personal benefit.

input, it is mentioned that the liquid can be used as a refreshing drink, to bathe or to sprinkle in homes and thus expel negative energies.

In this regard, astrologer Jennifer Racioppi mentions that it is worth incorporating moon water as part of our diet.

“It has a calming influence on the mind and body, as well as helping to treat certain ailments,” he says.

And it is that The presence of the full moon helps to cultivate the power of the spirit and also accelerate so that the objectives that human beings constantly set themselves can materialize.

It should be taken into account that during eclipses it is not advisable to produce moon water, since shadows are projected that are toxic or need cleaning.

How to make moon water

The first thing that is required to produce moon water is choose a container that reflects the intentions you want to achieve, so it is best to select a white one, but one that is not dented, much less that it has a crack, as that would prevent the energy from flowing.

While tap or bottled water can work to make moonshine water, It is recommended to use one that comes from a stream, river or even a well.

After filling the container with the liquid, you must become aware of what you want to ask the moon and this must be written on a piece of paper, which is fixed under the container.

It should be noted that at all times the moon must be reflected in the water and the container must remain in the same place all night.

In this way the liquid will have been charged with positive energy and can be used to drink or for the aforementioned recommendations.

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