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Tareq Taylor talks about the fan letters – ‘At school nobody looked at me’

When TV chef Tareq Taylor visited “Renée’s bridge” recently, he talked about how difficult it has been for him to accept that he now captures the interest of women to the extent that he has received letters of admiration. “At school, no one looked at me,” he says in the program.

Photo: Screenshot TV4

It is when Renée Nyberg describes Tareq Taylor as “every Swedish woman’s dream” that he tells us that he has a hard time accepting it. The background to his self-image, he believes, goes back to his school days where he describes himself as “an ugly duckling.”

In the program, which is also hosted by Ewa Fröling and Edvin Törnblom, Tareq says that he has sometimes received letters and pictures from women who want to meet. Although he sees that there are people who appreciate what he does, he finds it difficult to absorb the attention. “What I find so difficult about it is that my whole life until it started happening has been completely different,” he says in the program.

Source: The evening paper

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