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Robinson 2023 – Here are all the participants

Soon returning Robinson and The borderland with a new season on TV4 – this time with veteran Anders Lundin in the role of presenter. Here are all the participants in Robinson 2023!

Photo: TV4

This spring, Anders Lundin is making a comeback as presenter for Robinson and The borderland – after a 20-year hiatus.

“It’s great fun to make a comeback, a bit surreal. It had been 20 years since the last time, but it felt like just over a week had passed. And just as fun to once again get to follow the participants’ breathtaking roller coaster journey up close,” says Lundin in a press release.

In the spring season of the popular show, contestants have been split up based on age, with the oldest and youngest contestants being named team captains for their respective teams. The question is: does wisdom and experience beat youthful strength and forward thinking?

Photo: Robert Jadenfelt/TV4

Below we list the participants who will compete for the prize money of half a million kroner this season!

All participants in Robinson 2023

  • Camilla Widing, Head of Unit, 52 years old, Hallsberg. Personal thing: scented candles.
  • Alva Trané, Student, 23 years old, Hudiksvall. Personal matter: the game “With Other Words”
  • Amanda Högvik, Consultant, 27 years old, Stockholm. Personal item: analog camera
  • Dennis Johansson, Camera specialist, 23 years old, Åby. Personal item: Tattoo needle.
  • Erik Wahrolen, Teacher, 39 years old, Stockholm. Personal item: laminated picture of his children.
  • Amanda Eliasson, Mood Manager, 28 years old, Sällsjö. Personal item: Necklace from his grandmother.
  • Camilla Salen Sjögren, Commercial Lead in pharmaceuticals, 58 years old, Båstad. Personal item: flashlight.
  • Caroline Persson, Insurance advisor, 24 years old, Stockholm. Personal item: Affirmation card.
  • Christina Onuora, Project Manager, 27 years old, Solna. Personal item: Book (Kafka on the Beach)
  • Fabian Turkaij, Port worker, 55, Gothenburg. Personal item: 12 earrings.
  • Oskar Hammarstedt, Fish farmer, 31 years, Kosta. Personal item: Fly tying set.
  • Pernilla Block, Kitchen decorator, 50 years old, Fiskebäckskil. Personal thing: fly swatting.
  • Peter Andersson, Pensioner, 68 years old, Västra Fröluna. Personal item: golf club.
  • Salam Al Zerkani, Lessor, 36 years old, Gustavsberg. Personal item: rubber band.
  • Sanna Strand, Business Manager, 50 years old, Gävle. Personal thing: Tarot cards.
  • Sophie Sörkvist, Project Manager, 27 years old, Stockholm. Personal thing: Teddy bear.
  • Dennis Boelius, Floor Layer, 42, Uppsala. Personal item: King’s crown.
  • Christopher Da Silva, Supervisor, 24 years old, Vänersborg. Personal item: Notepad with pen
  • Zeki Demir, Hairdresser, 46 years old, Södertälje. Personal item: Piece of glass.
  • Anna Stomsi, Medium, 44 years old, Stockholm, Personal item: Notepad with pen
  • Elin Ambrosiani, Senior Digital Specialist, 40, Huddinge. Personal thing: Hot Sauce.

Robinson has its season premiere on Sunday March 19 on TV4 Play and TV4. Gränslandet premieres a week later, on Sunday March 26 on TV4 Play.

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