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Love ritual with apple so that the couple who hurt you returns repentant

If your romantic partner hurt you and you want them to own up to their mistake and come back sorry, the apple ritual is one of the most powerful to achieve said objective.

It is a sweetening mooring that, according to experts on the subject, has fast and effective results. You can do it any day of the week and regardless of the timeas long as your intentions are kind or positive.

As it is a white magic spell you must perform it if you love your partner and she loves you backbut because of an argument she hurt your feelings and she’s too proud to admit it.

The materials that you will use are: a red apple, a red candle, 7 needles or pins without a head or with a white head, sugar, cinnamon powder, a red pen and a small piece of white paper.

How to make the sweetening of love with apple?

Light the red candle with a match to channel the energy towards your goal, which is to bring your repentant partner back.

With the red pen write your name and his name on both sides of the white paper. Take the paper in your hands to channel your energy.

Cut the apple in half horizontally. Put sugar in one of the halves and cinnamon powder in the other. Place the paper in the center of one half and the other on top like a sandwich.

Now join the two halves with the 7 pins and take care that you are not going to prick your fingers.

Place the apple in your room under the bed, nightstand, or where no one can see it. Leave it for 7 days in a row and once they have elapsed, remove the pins, put the apple in a bag and bury it in a pot or garden.

According to the YouTube channel Eduardo Tarot Profesional, this ritual will not take long to give results because it is one of the most powerful sweeteners for love.

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