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Libertex wrapped up its incredible 25th anniversary giveaways with some great prizes, including 500 BTC and a Tesla, among others!

In November 2022, Libertex Group celebrated a quarter century of success in a highly competitive market. Its continued growth is largely supported by the loyalty and support of its customers.

For this reason, Libertex felt that the best way to commemorate this anniversary was by giving them back with three giveaways and the Jackpot draw.

Libertexwhich has always been known for its generous gifts, exceeded all expectations this time by offering more than 500 prizes.

The prizes were awarded through a Jackpot and a prize draw that began on November 15, 2022 and concluded on January 13, 2023. The event gathered an impressive 32,172 participants.

Lottery of gifts

To enter the giveaway draw, users had to register on the campaign website and deposit $500 or more into their Libertex account.

Each deposit of $500 or more generated a unique ticket to later participate in a random drawing of the winners. Sweepstakes entrants could increase their chances of becoming one of the 510 guaranteed winners since the number of tickets per customer was unlimited.

Lottery of the Jackpot

Libertex clients who made a deposit of USD 50 or more were automatically provided with a unique ticket number to participate in the Jackpot draw.

Each entrant to the Jackpot draw had a chance to win the grand prize. The chances of winning 500 BTC was 1:100,000,000. The winning number combination was selected by a random number generator.

The draw procedure was carried out in a completely transparent manner – which is still publicly available for anyone to verify – while the Bitcoin prize was guaranteed by EMIRAT, the global risk management specialist for draw hedging.

The awards

10 pairs of flights to Qatar, 50 new iPhones and a Tesla Model Y were raffled off; plus another 500 cash prizes.

However, a special mention must be made of the Jackpot, which was no less than 500 BTC (the equivalent of approximately USD 15,000,000) to be deposited in the Libertex account of the winning client.

ohBy the next 25 years!

Reaching 25 years in this industry is an achievement to be proud of and one that would not have happened without the support of the valued clientele of Libertex.

Of course, Libertex aims to continue creating exciting and innovative ways to give back to your community. So those of you who have missed these giveaways, don’t worry. Many more will come!

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