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Lemon ritual in the bag: eliminates and absorbs negative energy immediately

The bad energies of the people who are in our environment can be eliminated with something as simple as Put a lemon in your handbag or trouser pocket. What is the secret of this homemade recipe?

Lemon is a citrus that is in tune with the energy of protection, so it is recommended to use it when we have to live with people who are envious of us, in bad faith, or whose negative energy is strong.

This homemade recipe is very popular for being one of the simplest and most effective. The only thing we are going to need is a fresh green or yellow lemonthat is, its texture has to be strong, not watery and with a brilliant color.

What is the secret of the lemon in the bag ritual?

Citrus by itself has the power of protection, but to enhance its energetic benefits and tune it in with our vibe we have to follow a simple recipe.

Sprinkle it with holy water or flowery water, hold it in your hands and ask it to be your protective amulet. Now pass it all over your body from head to toe making circles to the right.

This procedure will make the essence of lemon protects your aura and it is the fruit that receives all the negative charge.

Now put it in your handbag, backpack or trouser pocket, in the latter case, try to make it as small as possible so that you don’t notice that you are carrying a package. That’s the whole ritual.

The key to make it always effective is to change it periodically. It is recommended to replace it when it absorbs a lot of negative energy. How to identify it? It will get very hard, almost like a rock.

Try to take it with a plastic bag or a glove to avoid having direct contact with it. Remember that it absorbed all the bad energy and we do not want everything it collected to “stick” to us again.

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