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Justin Bieber reveals Hailey’s unusual nickname in cute birthday greeting on Instagram

It was in a birthday greeting on Instagram that the artist Justin Bieber revealed his somewhat unusual nickname for his wife, Hailey Bieber. He also took the opportunity to publish several photos from the couple’s vacation in Japan.

Photo: Instagram @justinbieber

On Tuesday, Hailey Bieber turned 26 years old, something that her husband Justin Bieber drew attention to with a cute post on Instagram.

“Happy birthday (in Japan) to my favorite person xoxo you make life magical,” Justin wrote, followed by a crying emoji. “Obsessed with everything to do with you. Love you Bum Bum.”

The post also contains several pictures of the couple’s vacation to Japan and shows how the couple enjoys each other’s company during the trip.

Suffered from a blood clot in the brain

2022 has been a tumultuous year for the Biebers. In March, Hailey suffered a blood clot in the brain, which was likely due to three contributing factors: a long round trip to Paris, the fact that during this time she was recovering from Covid-19, and that she had recently started using birth control pills.

After the incident, Hailey gave a word of warning to her fans:

“If you suffer from severe migraines and plan to use birth control pills, be sure to tell your doctor, because stroke is a potential side effect.”

A few months later, in June, it emerged that Justin had contracted Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a virus-related illness that paralyzed parts of his face. In a video, Justin showed that he could neither blink his right eye nor smile with that side of his face.

“This is quite serious, as you can see. I wish it wasn’t like that, but obviously my body is telling me to slow down,” he said, while assuring that he would recover in time.

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