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Learn How to Be an SBT Actress and Participate in Soap Operas

SBT has an opportunity and you will find out how to be an SBT actress. The broadcaster has applications open for casting tests, on the website it is possible to leave the material and the history of its trajectory, the artistic curriculum will be the form filled in on the website, it would also be very nice to have the DRT.

See how to participate in SBT soap operas and be an actress.

What this article covers:

How to Be an SBT Actress

It is the first time that SBT has made available a page to participate in the casting selection, everything indicates that another soap opera will be recorded by the broadcaster, which does not have much tradition in the production of soap operas, but has already reproduced great classics and audience records being responsible for the launch of young talents who are now part of the selection of great actors, Carousel and the two Chiquititas recordings were responsible for the discoveries of big names in television that are on the scene in cinema and also on television, as is the case of Larissa Manoela, protagonist of Rede Globo of television.

SBT is an unapologetically familiar channel, which is why it is common for Silvio Santos to notify his employees about new recordings and casting tests, in this sense knowing someone from SBT can be very good for anyone who wants to work on television and know in advance when possible tests will take place. broadcaster will happen.

The Elenco TV SBT Page is an access page to the SBT website, with the call “Come Be Part of This Dream” the broadcaster invites actors and actresses regardless of age to register on the website and send material for selection of the casting test, the registration must be carried out in the same way that registration is done to participate in the broadcaster’s frames and programs, if you already have a registration just enter login and password to gain access to registration. See, step by step how to register here in the world of tribes!

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How to Participate in the SBT Casting Test

For the first time, SBT makes available an exclusive page to participate in the SBT casting test, to participate simply access the content, register an access password, then follow the system instructions and leave the material for evaluation. It is important that the candidate already has a video acting or artistic material of quality that can be evaluated by recruiters. See the step by step and also the address of the SBT Selection Test page:

  1. Enter the following address in your computer’s browser: cast.tvsbt.com.br, access HERE🇧🇷
  2. Type E-Mail and a password that will be used to login every time you enter the page, the password must be typed twice, then click on Register, continue the registration by filling in the requested information.
  3. Now it’s time to leave your material, fill in the personal and contact information first. It is important that you enter the correct e-mail and telephone number, as it is through this information that the selection team will contact the candidate.
  4. Leave quality material videos and photos, with good sound quality, it is also important to inform your trajectory, remember that in the artistic curriculum the trajectory and history of the candidate is important, tell your experiences, main references, artists you are a fan of and masters who inspire you. Good luck!

Opportunities on SBT

SBT offers many opportunities for participation by members of the Silvio Santos program, in addition to opportunities for child artists, a child miss contest and others. The program also offers opportunities for show artists to perform and earn up to R$300. Silvio Santos.

The Silvio Santos program also holds a Transformers contest, on the Silvio Santos stage there are parades and also dubbing of trans artists, after the presentation and show the artist returns to the stage and the challenge is to guess what the transformer’s profession is, they have already visited the stages professionals from different areas hairdressers, administrative assistants and others.

In Eliana’s program, the “Famous of the Internet” and “Rede da Fama” shows anonymous people who have gone viral on the internet, in addition to this, the presenter also provides opportunities for artists to participate in other shows, offering support for the recording and production of presentations on the stage of the Eliana.

How to become an actor or actress?

To become an actor or actress, it takes a lot of work and making quality material in video, photography and sound, with easy access to networks like youtube, it is common for beginner artists to already have material that can offer a certain desirable quality for evaluation , an actor and actress course is also very welcome so that candidates have a reference and the opportunity to record quality content, another way to get quality material is to have a director or agent who takes care of it for you and keeps everything connected for the artist’s success.

It is important for the artist to believe in his talent and tell his story with challenges and achievements, one way to tell his story is to create an artistic curriculum, the artistic curriculum is similar to the professional curriculum, but with the objective of getting to know the artist. See the topics that should be present in the artistic curriculum:

  • Quality Photo
  • Basic information: Full Name and/or Artistic Name (As You Want to Be Known), Age, E-Mail, Address and Telephone, it is important that the e-mail and telephone are correct and accessible, as this is how the production will contact you .
  • Professional experience: If you have another profession linked or not to an artistic career.
  • Artistic Experience: Show or Show that has already performed.
  • Training: Courses in the Artistic Area, Faculties and Names of Masters of Courses That Are Important and Known.
  • Trajectory: It is important that the artistic curriculum has your trajectory, talk about experiences or artists that inspire you, tell the challenges of your career or how important, exciting it has been for you, talk about your achievements and challenges.

In addition to the artistic curriculum, it is also necessary to leave the material that can be a video, for those who want the career of an actress or actor it is important that it has an interpretation content, but if it does not, another type of content can be sent, the important one in the video it’s getting to know the person and seeing how they behave in front of the cameras, knowing how to play an instrument can also be important for some material, so if you know how to play an instrument, this content can also be sent.

See below video of tips to be an actress and actor of SBT

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