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Job Vacancies SP | Opportunities with Open Vacancies

Employment opportunities amid the crisis are getting more difficult every day. However, there are still companies that need services and are looking for workers interested in filling several vacancies. In São Paulo, anyone looking for a job has the help of specific sites that can facilitate the search for a job. job vacancy SP 2022?? See how to get your job in 2022.

What this article covers:

Job Vacancies SP 2022

Remember before looking for a vacancy, update your resume with the necessary information, you can download free resume templates. To find the job openings listed below, just copy the opportunity and paste it into the site’s search engine. www.vagas.com.br.Check job opportunities by region:

Jobs in the South Zone

South Zone Pharmacist

Junior / Trainee15 vacancies


  • Over 18 years old;
  • Higher education in Pharmacy.

Work schedule: availability to work by scale (being able to work Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

In addition to the listed benefits, we also offer:

  • Salary compatible with the market;
  • Career path.

Vigilante – Shopping – South Zone

  • Gocil Security and Services
  • Auxiliary / Operational
  • 17 vacancies


Updated Vigilante recycling.

Jobs in the East Zone

PCD vacancies

  • Panco
  • Auxiliary / Operational
  • 6 vacancies

Delivery Driver

  • Confidential
  • Auxiliary / Operational
  • 20 vacancies

Delivery Driver – Category C/D/E – Temporary Vacancy (03 to 09 months) with the possibility of being hired

Workplace: Santo Amaro (South Zone), Osasco (West Zone), Ipiranga and Itaim Paulista (East Zone).


Complete high school

Having worked as a Truck driver (Light or Heavy). CNH C/D/E

Proven working experience as a Truck Driver


Responsible for delivering products to points of sale, with quality and within safety procedures.

Schedule: Monday to Saturday – shifts: morning/afternoon.

Salaries/Benefits: Market compatible.

Jobs in the North Zone

Warehouse Assistant – North Zone

  • Luandre Human Resources
  • Full


  • Higher studying or completed
  • Easy access to Jd Primavera/ZONA NORTE
  • Experience with warehouse

Insurance Technician

Salary range BRL 2,100 to BRL 2,600

  • Itaqueri Rovy Corretora De Seguros
  • Auxiliary / Operational


– Experience in Insurance Brokerage in the activity of Insurance Renewal in the Automobile sector;

– Experience with multicalculation;

– Skill in work tools such as: gmail, excell, onedrive, onenote, calculation, transmission and car endorsement in insurance companies.

Jobs in the West Zone

ESTAPAR Parking Operator

  • paving parking lots
  • Auxiliary / Operational
  • 20 vacancies
  • CLT opportunity, salary + benefits.

Vacancies in the Center

Logistics Assistant – Preferential Vacancy for People with Disabilities

  • Free market
  • Auxiliary / Operational
  • 20 vacancies


  • Have completed high school and have competed in a team, with proven experience to do your job in the best possible way.
  • Having knowledge about the quality of the product to be delivered and how to connect with the user.
  • Be available to work in person in Perus/SP.

Job Sites in SP

To help you find your job, we have selected the best job sites here. You can search the sites and identify the best job opportunity for you, check out:

InfoJob SP

job vacancies infojob

There are more than 231,245 job vacancies in São Paulo and the vacancies are for the entire state, not just for the capital. Through the site you will find several vacancies but you can filter to find the vacancies of your interest. Filter your search through the options:

  • state
  • City
  • Profissional area
  • Specialization
  • Office
  • Company
  • Type of contract
  • Publication date
  • Salary range
  • Deficiency

see the latest open job vacancies??

    • Great Opportunity – Receptive Telemarketing Operator Barueri
    • Private name company
    • Barueri – SP
    • Telemarketing – Telemarketing / Receptive Call Center
    • Boarding Agent – ​​Great Opportunity
    • Allis Solutions | BGO
    • Sao Paulo-SP
    • Commercial, Sales – Demonstrator / Promoter
    • Manicure And Pedicure – Esmalteria Proximo Metro Saude
    • Sao Paulo-SP
    • Aesthetics – Manicure / Pedicure
    • Plumber – Caninde Zona Norte
    • Sao Paulo-SP
    • General Services – Janitorial

Sine Jobs

no job openings

Another site that offers a similar service is SineEmpregos. Offering more than 43,000 job vacancies throughout the state of São Paulo, Sine Empregos is an easy to navigate and also intuitive website. In the city of Guarulhos, approximately 8,000 job vacancies are being offered, see some of the vacancies you will find:

Pile Driver Operator job

  • Guarulhos/SP
  • Malka Human Resources
  • Hiring: registered (clt) Salary: R$ 1,091.00 per month Benefits: parking, company restaurant, transportation voucher

mason vacancy

  • Guarulhos/SP
  • Malka Human Resources
  • Hiring: registered (clt) Salary: R$ 1,091.00 per month Benefits: parking, company restaurant, transportation voucher

Maintenance Assistant Vacancy

  • Guarulhos/SP
  • Malka Human Resources
  • Hiring: registered (clt) Salary: R$ 1,091.00 per month Benefits: parking, company restaurant, transportation voucher

Rubber Vacancy

  • Guarulhos/SP
  • Have time availability, will work in shifts, salary: R$1,900.00 and benefits to be agreed. Complete primary education.

Office Assistant Vacancy

  • Guarulhos/SP
  • Donation office assistant required to be attending or have higher education in: public relations, communication or journalism.

Rubber Vacancy

  • Guarulhos/SP
  • Truck driver experience required. Salary + benefits. Workplace: north zone of sp

Also access this job site for you to find the best vacancy through the www.trabalhabrasil.com.br

Job Opportunity in Sao Paulo

More job opportunities in PATs in São Paulo. To find out more about job vacancies in the state of São Paulo, it is necessary to contact the local PATs. Check below the addresses of some located in the interior of the state of São Paulo:

  • PAT Jaguariúna – Coronel Amâncio Bueno Street, 810 – Downtown
  • PAT Mogi Mirim – Av. Adib Chaib, 2250 – Downtown
  • Worker’s House Santa Bárbara D’Oeste – Rua Riachuelo, 739 – Downtown
  • PAT Hortolândia – Rua Sete de Setembro, 251 – Parque Ortolândia
  • PAT Indaiatuba – Rua Jacob Lyra, 344 – Parque das Nações
  • PAT Limeira – Rua Boa Morte, 725 – Downtown
  • PAT Piracicaba – Praça José Bonifácio, 700 – Downtown
  • PAT Sumare – Av. Brazil, 1111 – New Venice
  • PAT Mogi Guaçu – Av. President Kennedy, 270 – Jd. centenary
  • PAT Americana – Rua Dom Pedro, 25- Centro

More information about PATs on the State Department of Labor and Employment Relations??

Access the websites and check out all the opportunities. You will find vacancies in the area of ​​information technology and also civil construction. Access right now and guarantee your job for the year 2016. Good luck!

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