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How to buy shares? | Today’s technology

Buying shares is not difficult and can be easily done in several ways. Namely, it can be a perfect way for you to invest your savings and let them work for you. Because today there is no reason to save money in your savings account. They will not grow and get bigger to any extent that you will even notice. After all, the interest rate is so low that it barely exists, and at most major banks today you get no interest at all. Then shares can be a way for you to use your savings in an efficient way.

Buy shares from your bank

The most common way to buy shares is to do it through your bank. Almost all banks in Sweden give their customers the opportunity to buy and sell and store their shares from their internet bank. You then just log in to your bank and find funds/shares. It can also be called securities or something similar. After this, you usually need to set up a deposit account with your bank and it doesn’t take many seconds. Usually you have to agree to an agreement.

Next, look for the section called buy shares or buy securities. Then you can usually quickly see which shares are available on the various exchanges. Swedish major banks usually only offer their customers the opportunity to buy shares in the Nordic countries.

Buy shares from a stockbroker

Another option to buy shares is to become a client of a stockbroker. For example, Avanza Bank, which gives its customers the opportunity to buy shares, mutual funds and much more. You will find a complete list of stockbrokers on TradingToplists. The advantages of choosing a stockbroker is that the commission, the fee you pay when you buy shares, is much lower than with a bank. They also usually have a larger selection of shares you can buy and you are therefore not as limited when it comes to which shares you can buy. Because it is incredibly important not to underestimate how much easier it is to buy shares if the brokerage is low and if you can choose exactly the shares that suit you.

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