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Itau Bank | Phone, Opening hours, Services

The largest private bank in Brazil is Banco Itaú. And its participation in the world economy is so great that the bank already has branches in many countries such as Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Thus the strength of other nations can be demonstrated.

Itaú’s intense profitability is a good proof that this monetary company has been growing every year with a large number of investors who are the Itaú account holders??

What this article covers:

Itau bank

Itaú is a Minas Gerais bank. Its first agency was born in the city of Itaú, in the interior of Minas Gerais, in 1944. And with this more than a century operating in Brazil, Itaú has demonstrated that it is one of the most solid companies in Brazil, obtaining exorbitant profits every year.

In 2005, Itaú takes an important step towards growth when it acquires BankBoston’s sales, creating Itaú Personalité for customers of this bank.

Open Itaú Account

To open your account is simple and easy. You must access the Itaú account opening page and fill in your registration details.

There are 03 account options that you can choose according to your profile

Itaú Account

  • Itaucard Click credit card with free annual fee*
  • skip queues with Tag Itaú
  • have an overdraft limit for unforeseen circumstances
  • accumulate points and benefits through the iupp marketplace

Itaú Uniclass

  • a manager to call your own and at your disposal
  • Visa Signature credit card with no annual fee*
  • credits and financing with special rates
  • complete investment and advisory shelf

Itau Itaú Personnalité

  • complete investment advice
  • Black cards with no annual fee for 1 year*
  • current account with 1 year fee exemption
  • Exclusive partner discounts and experiences

Itaú Cards

cards itau

  • Itaú Cards – HERE
  • Pão de Açúcar Plus Platinum – HERE
  • Click Visa Platinum – HERE
  • Credicard – HERE

Discover the main services offered by the bank to its customers:

Itaú Bank Services

  • Current Account
  • Credit cards
  • Consortium
  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Renegotiation

Itaú has specialized areas to serve individual customers or companies. To learn more about the services, just go to one of the thousands of agencies spread across the country.

Itaú Service Channels

Itaú Phones:

  • sac – 0800 728 0728
  • ombudsman – 0800 570 0011
  • Reporting Channel – HERE
  • Send Message – HERE

To find more Itaú customer service services, visit HERE??

Itaú Branches

To find an agency closest to you, simply access HERE and go to the bottom of the page and put your address. The result and the location of the nearest agencies will appear.

More about the bank

Banco Itaú, which was born in a small branch in Minas Gerais, today has hundreds of branches throughout Brazil. Even in the most distant places of this country and in the largest cities in Brazil, such as the Brazilian capitals, there are several itau bank branches to streamline the lives of account holders with all its customer-oriented services and facilities.

That’s because Itaú’s goal is to take care of the financial life of its customers with maximum security.

But it is not just in the financial world that Itaú operates. It is the official sponsor of the Brazilian team until the 2014 World Cup. And with that, Itaú profits from advertising. And the selection profits with the millionaire sponsorship.

Itaú is a bank of great notoriety. It has the support and trust of its millions of account holders throughout Brazil and the world, offering many services to its customers, such as overdrafts, personal and consumer loans, credit cards, home, life and accident insurance, car finance , private pension plans, asset management and capitalization plans for individuals.

Itaú bank strives for its customers and therefore always seeks to innovate with the highest quality and good service to all those who trust to leave their reservations at Itaú.

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