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Discover the Gira Bank credit card

The Gira Bank credit card has gained a lot of attention, and one of the factors contributing to this rise is its owner, who is the influencer Carlinhos Maia.

The bank’s proposal is to be accessible and with fair rates. The name refers to a tribute to the fans, who are called sunflowers. To find out if this bank is right for you, continue reading below.

What this article covers:

What is the Gira Bank credit card?

The Gira Bank credit card works similarly to all traditional cards, where you have access to a “loan” and can make your purchases within the defined limit, and later pay the invoice within a period of up to 30 days.

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The differential of this card is that it follows a current market trend, which includes the card together with a digital account, where you have access to all your expenses, in order to facilitate financial control and settlement of the invoice. In addition, the service also works in the debit function.

Who created the Gira Bank credit card?

The Alagoan influencer Carlinhos Maia has already bet on ventures such as the fast food chain “B Burger”, and the clothing brand “Essentials”. This time, the focus was on finance.

Carlinhos started his career on the internet, sharing his daily life with humor.

Currently, the influencer has 24 million followers on Instagram. He comments that he has many experienced people in the business involved with this new venture, and that the focus is on creating an affordable bank for all incomes.

What are the advantages of the Gira Bank credit card?

Discover some of the main benefits of being a Gira Bank credit card supporter:

  • The opening is done online, you can do it anywhere;
  • Access to GiraClubwhere you have access to sweepstakes for motorcycles, cars and houses;
  • A free chip, with unlimited calls;
  • Accident insurance;
  • All the services needed to move your money;
  • digital account;
  • Credit to pay bills.

These are advantages worth considering to make a decision.
conscious and that meets your needs.

Who can apply for the Gira Bank credit card?

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply for a Gira Bank credit card. The bank does not have the limitation of requiring a minimum income for membership, as mentioned above, the purpose of the card is to be accessible to everyone.

Who can apply for the Gira Bank credit card

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The card has easy credit approval and pleasant limits. In addition, you can also use it as a debit card and use the digital account to pay bills with your credit and recharge your cell phone.

What is the Gira Bank credit card limit?

This varies, as there is no standard initial value in virtually all banks, given that these companies make careful analyzes of the consumer’s history, consumption profile, payment and income. All this is taken into account when setting a limit for the user.

Gira Bank aims to have nice limits for all incomes, but if the limit is not exactly what you wanted, don’t be discouraged, keep a good payment history and ask for the increase.

What are the Gira Bank credit card fees?

The Gira Bank credit card monthly fee is free, however, fees are charged for carrying out some operations, check the values ​​below:

  • Withdrawal: BRL 10.90;
  • Transfers: BRL 7.90.

In addition, to participate in GiraClube, where you have access to drawings, you must pay R$9.90 per month.

After all the information about Gira Bank has been presented, your decision to be part of this new venture by the influencer will be more assertive.

Analyze whether the card meets your needs and expectations, and assess whether the advantages will bring better quality to your financial health.

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