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Is there a credit card with a high limit for negative credit?

It is common for people to question whether there is a credit card with a high limit for negative credit on the market, and the most objective answer to this question is yes! Some credit card companies offer products that can be accessed by those with a dirty name.

In this context, it is necessary to pay attention to some specific characteristics of these cards. Check everything in this text.

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Yes, there is a credit card option with a high limit for negative credit, that is, for people who are in default. It is normal to contract debts and not be able to pay them, and this causes people to be placed on the lists of some specific bodies that work with credit protection, such as the SPC and the Serasa??

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In this scenario, it can be difficult to get a common line of credit, such as loans and cards. However, there are credit card options that can be purchased by those who are negative, but it is necessary to be aware of some particular conditions that these products have.

Most of them are of the payroll type, that is, they are cards intended specifically for retirees, pensioners or civil servants. In addition, they automatically debit part of the invoice amount from the client’s payroll card or INSS benefit.

Today, the best credit card with a high limit for negative credit is the BMG Card Mastercard Payroll Card, managed by Banco BMG. Among the main advantages of this product are: free annual fee, very affordable rates, international flag, availability of withdrawals at Banco 24Horas and no minimum income requirement.

What is the best card for negative credit with a high limit

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As it is a payroll type, this card is specifically aimed at INSS pensioners and retirees and civil servants. When applying for the card, the proposal must still undergo analysis and the limit offered by the bank depends on the applicant’s income.

There are other options on the card market that can be obtained by those with a dirty name, for example:

  • Bradesco Consignado Card INSS Elo Internacional;
  • PAN Payroll Card;
  • Cetelem Elo Payroll Card;
  • Bradesco Payroll Card Elo Internacional;
  • BMG Multi Mastercard.

To find out which one is best for your situation, the best thing to do is to calmly analyze all the benefits offered by each one, as well as the conditions for hiring and paying invoices.

Which credit card is easier to get approved?

Among the options available on the market, one of the easiest to be approved by those who are negative is the Daycoval Mastercard Payroll Card. It is ideal for those who have difficulty getting credit approved, as they do not consult credit protection agencies.

In addition, it is also of the payroll type, which makes it specifically aimed at the same group of people mentioned above: pensioners, retirees or civil servants.

As previously mentioned, the best credit card with a high limit for negative credit is the Payroll BMG Card Mastercard, but there are other options on the market. The most important thing is to research and analyze each one of them calmly to understand all their benefits.

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