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Is Nomad Global Ideal for Account in the United States?

Nomad Global account in the United States is one of those novelties in the world of fintechs which has piqued interest very quickly. It is very likely, in fact, that the Nomad Global app has already appeared several times on the homepage of its app store.

Currently, the public looking for an account in the United States, as is the case with the reader, is faced with numerous options to start making international bank transfers, or perhaps migrate from one platform to another.

With that, the doubt that entitles our article today arises, about whether Nomad Global is the most ideal.

It is, in principle, a free account service in the United States that opens the door to a series of accesses, which we will reveal here, such as entering the North American financial market, diversified investments, protecting yourself from exchange rate effects (dollar is well valued) economic ease when traveling outside Brazil, and much more.

Check below all about advantages and disadvantages of Nomad Global, how to open your checking account and if it’s worth it.

What this article covers:

What is Nomad Global?

In summary, Nomad Global is an international digital account designed to move dollars from Brazil as if you were in the United States.

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The holder in Brazil can transfer amounts to American accounts, receive, make payments and everything else that is a banking operation.

See these highlights on what Nomad Global counts in the United States:

  • International digital account;
  • Debit card;
  • Investment account;
  • International purchases;
  • Transfers;
  • Exchange operations.

Having a Nomad Global account in the United States means having 100% digital control, easy to open without having to be on American soil to prove something, and also without exorbitant requirements, as we will discuss later.

Is it worth opening an account at Nomad Global?

To answer whether Nomad Global US accounts are worth it for you, see more details below and whether they meet your goals:


We reinforce the services available by Nomad that you will enjoy:

  • Account in the United States;
  • The debit card can be physical or digital;
  • Account to invest and monitor your portfolio;
  • Guarantee that your deposits will be insured by the FDCI (similar to the FGC in Brazil);
  • Access marketplaces and e-commerce;
  • You do not need to prove your US address;
  • Card without annuity;
  • reduced IOF;
  • No account maintenance costs
  • Focus on the Commercial Dollar, which is cheaper than Tourism.

By having the advantages of Nomad Global in weight, you know if the international checking account has the basics to start your account in the United States.


On the other hand, see what we think is more disadvantageous for account holders:

  • You don’t have a credit card;
  • Support is not 24h;
  • PJ or MEI are not contemplated;
  • You can only trade in US dollars.

This type of account in the United States even allows you to make transfers or pay in other currencies, but it will always come with the conversion rate, okay?

It is worth it?

Straight to the point, if you want to open an account in the United States, it should be a current account, free of charge, without abusive annual fees, be part of the financial market of the greatest economic power, have your money valued in dollars and not in reais, and another series of advantages and protection, know that it is worth it!

How to open an account at Nomad Global?

First, look for the Nomad Global app and then follow this step by step on how to open an account in the United States now:
Install Nomad Global and open;

  • Click on “Open My Account” and carefully read each notice;
  • Answer all the questions on the screen, such as the country of origin, name, telephone, and other data;
  • Finally, agree with the terms and select “Accept and Continue”;
  • Still on the screen, read some more basic information about Nomad Global. Then, you will need to answer the questionnaire to direct the type of account in the United States you want (investment, current or both);
  • Submit your address and a photo of your passport as requested;
  • Finally, you need to make a 5-second video with your passport in your hands and close to your face.

Nomad Global US account will follow up with verification of your identity as well as your information. From that moment on, you can follow the status of your request in the application itself or keep an eye on the email.

Please allow approximately 4 business days to finally start your US Nomad Global account.

What are the types of accounts at Nomad Global?

As we already mentioned, Nomad Global asks which type of US account you want from three options: international checking account, investment account, or hybrid account.

In any case, the option of your choice, all use will only be made by the app. To clear the doubt, the hybrid account is one that offers both a checking account and an investment account.

Can I open a legal or MEI account at Nomad Global?

Unfortunately, Nomad Global account in the United States does not offer legal account or exclusive account for MEI.

Can I open a legal or MEI account at Nomad Global

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However, if your case is a small entrepreneur with the common goal of opening an account in the United States, we recommend an international current account.

Since the investment account only has services to invest in the foreign market.

Are Nomad Global services only for overseas transactions?

You can make movements anywhere in the world, with full control over the cell phone of the Nomad Global account in the United States. That is, users will have an international debit card, to buy or make withdrawals in several countries, including Brazil.

However, it is worth remembering that it only operates with US dollars with the non-free option of converting to other currencies.

Nomad Global digital card

Use the Nomad digital card on the internet, add it to your Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and Samsung Pay wallet, always with the MasterCard flag.

Check the spending limits:

  • $5,000 per day;
  • $15,000 per month;
  • $50,000 a year.

However, you can ask support to change these limits and wait for a response.

How is Nomad Global supported?

When contacting Nomad Global account support in the United States, the wait will be slightly longer. In general, it works from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 8pm. While on weekends, from 9am to 6pm.

You can use your email or by phone, and every channel will answer you in Portuguese.

To finalize our analysis of Nomad Global, we also highlight that the score of this international current account on Reclame Aqui ー until this publication ー is “Fair.” In the last five months, it received a score of 8.4 and problems solved were 85.1%.

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