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“Idol”-Nike Sellmar and Albin Tingwall comment on the love rumours

Love rumors surround the “Idol” finalists Nike Sellmar and Albin Tingwall – who neither deny nor confirm a possible romance. “We have said that we should take it easy and take it as it comes,” Tingwall tells us The evening paper.

Photo: TV4

Last Friday, Nike Sellmar took home the victory in “Idol” 2022 after a thrilling final against Albin Tingwall. But there don’t seem to be any hard feelings between the former competitors – on the contrary, it now seems that much warmer feelings may have arisen between them.

Nike Sellmar on Albin Tingwall: “Are super close”

Tingwall tells Aftonbladet that he and Sellmar became close during the last weeks of the filming of “Idol” 2022. However, he says that it is difficult to answer whether he has feelings for Nike:

“A lot happens in the bubble and you don’t know what is what when you are so close to each other all the time and feelings can be amplified. We have said that we will take it easy and take it as it comes. We haven’t met since last Saturday. We don’t rush.”

When asked if he and Sellmar have had “a closer relationship than a friendship”, or if they have kissed, he refers to Nike. He points out, however, that he and Sellmar “kept their distance” during the time she was in another relationship:

“We were not close so during that period. We have been very close friends during this journey.”

Sellmar also says that she and Tingwall have a special relationship with each other when she comments on the matter in a text message:

“We are super close and our relationship has grown strong during the ‘Idol’ era. I still have a close relationship with him and so we’ll see what happens now that idol is over,” she writes.

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