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Find out which is the best machine with the best installment rate in 2022!

Having a machine with the best installment rate is a great advantage. Who never asked the seller: “Do you divide it into how many installments?”. Therefore, many entrepreneurs want a card reader machine to receive payments.

However, every machine company has an installment fee to pay, which varies according to the period or has fixed prices. We will explain in detail below.

What this article covers:

What are the installment rates for the machines?

Installment fees are the amounts that the entrepreneur has to pay to the company that owns the machine. Every time a payment is made in installments, the entrepreneur will pay the company responsible for the machine a specific fee, which can be paid in advance or for 30 days.

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In addition, you will pay a fixed fee, plus the percentage for each purchase in installments per month.

For example, you bought a T-shirt for R$ 200.00 reais and divided it into five times. The t-shirt store owner will pay the card company a fee specific to your purchase.

Do all machines have?

All machines have an installment fee, but may vary according to those responsible for the machines. You have two options: choose to have the customer’s purchase money enter your account the next day or at the end of the month. The only thing that differs is how to pay this fee.

It depends on the needs of who will buy the machines and the conditions that fit in his pocket. The best monthly payment is SumUp, which charges a better rate per month in advance, which charges 4.6% plus 1.5% per installment, if you want to receive the purchase money on the same day.

What is the best machine with the best installment rate for you?

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If you want the money at the end of the month, the rate will be only 3.90%. It is the best rate for those who want to sell products with installments of 2 to 12 installments.

For example, if you chose a sumup plan If the balance drops at the end of the month and you manage to sell five shirts for R$ 300.00, paid in five installments, you will have to pay 3.90% to the card company, and keep R$ 288.30.

How to apply?

When purchasing a card machine, you need to know that companies have several ways to calculate. If you choose the initial rate plus the per installment, you need to be careful. For example, if they charge a rate of 3.90%+1.99% and someone buys a 4-part product, the result will be:

  • Product value (3.90%+1.99%+1.99%+1.99%).

If you choose the initial fee + monthly fee plan, the machine will only charge the agreed percentage, plus the monthly fee.

In addition, there is the option of an initial fee plus a fixed table in installments. And, finally, there are those that only charge a fixed fee, depending on the flags worked on the machines.

The request for the plan will depend on the purchase of your machine, in which you will register with the company.

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