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How to protect your aura from other people’s negative energy

When we are about to live with people who we know beforehand are not in tune with us on an energetic level, that is, there is rejection on their part, that is when we must protect our aura from said negative energy and there are simple techniques to do it.

There are times when it is impossible to avoid those who are negative for us because they are close people, such as colleagues, bosses and even relatives such as brothers, brothers-in-law, in-laws, etc. In these cases mechanisms must be adopted to prevent its vibration from damaging our soul.

There is a process known as “closing the aura” that aims to protect us from psychic and energetic attacks. The aura is the ethereal part of the body that is altered by our state of mind, so it is necessary to protect it from external negative agents that cause us discomfort.

How to protect the aura from other people’s negativity?

There are many techniques to protect the aura, some with a high degree of difficulty, as explained by WeMystic.com in an article. However, there is a very simple procedure that does not require more than a few movements of the body.

When you feel that your aura is at risk or in a negative situation, you have to cross your arms and legs at the same timeand you have to keep them that way until the danger subsides.

Why should this body position be adopted? As the experts explain, this attitude withdraws the auric field in on itself, that is, it closes itself. Crossed arms restrict the upper body and crossed legs the lower field.

It should be noted that this position can be aggressive or rebellious for other people, especially when we are in a work or family meeting, in which case, it is recommended to partially close the aura, that is, only close arms or legs.

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