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Here, Molly Sandén and Sven-Ingvar create magic in “On the track”

When the popular band Sven-Ingvars performed a hit song by The Weeknd together with Molly Sandén in On the track the result was successful to say the least. Check out the lovely clip here!

Photo: Screenshot SVT

Sven-Ingvars and Molly Sandén are perhaps not the most common combination, but when they put their bags together during the premiere of On the track In 2021-2022 pure magic appeared on stage.

Performed hit song with Molly Sandén

Since the “August family” ended as husband and wife in On the track the program has changed concept. Nowadays, the program is visited by several house bands per season, and during the 2021-2022 season it was Sven-Ingars who had the honor of providing the music in the first episode.

One of the most appreciated performances was the band’s joint performance with Molly Sandén. Together they performed one of The Weeknd’s hit songs from 2020: “Save your tears” from the album “After Hours”. The song reached a new level of popularity when the artist remixed it with Ariana Grande in 2021, and at the time of writing it has been streamed over a billion times on Spotify.

Sandén and Sven-Ingvar’s own interpretation of the song was received with delight by their fans and the YouTube video below has today close to 300,000 views.

Watch the amazing performance here!

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