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Halloween costumes – Photos and models

Halloween is coming and although it is not a traditional party in Brazil, some places celebrate Halloween as a way to bring more fun to the day of terror that has a very peculiar history.

To understand a little more about Hallowen, and also to know some of the costumes that are popular on that day. Check out this unmissable article!

Halloween Image Illustration – Google.

Where did Halloween come from?

Many people believe that Halloween originated in the USA, however it did not. After all, Halloween had its true origin in Ireland, created from a typical Celtic festival, which was called Samhain, a pagan festival of harvests.

This typical festival was celebrated in early summer, and was a very popular pagan celebration in Ireland and also in the United Kingdom, and over time the church also joined the festival idea.

Thus, the pagan traditions of Samhain and the traditional Catholic traditions of the Roman festival of the dead were celebrated together, with some ideologies.

Where was it created and how was it celebrated?

Samhain and All Saints Day of the Catholic church were celebrated on November 1st. But as a rule, Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, and this happens for a strange and minimally curious reason.

In which, pagans and Christians of the time, believed that on the night of the 31st, a connection of the 2 worlds, spiritual and material, took place.

And yes, most of the time these same people believed that the spirits would do something potentially bad to them and their crops, so rituals became common on this day.

Some Celts, for example, threw coins into cauldrons and made their requests to the dead, lighting large bonfires was also common for “souls”.

Some people also had the habit of knocking from door to door in search of the “soul cake” (a cake with a currant paste filling in the middle). In exchange for this candy, they prayed to the spirits of the family who donated the cake.??

And there you have the explanation of the tradition of children asking for sweets from door to door, very common in the traditions of the USA.

Halloween costumes – Photos and models

And if you loved knowing all these fun facts about Halloween, then we’ve separated some simple and really cool costumes to celebrate the date. Check it out:

evil bride

This halloween costume is feminine and simple to make, and is a movie-inspired costume. “Mean Girls” in which the protagonist goes to a party dressed in the exotic costume of evil bride.

To do the trick, just weigh in on eye makeup and very white skin, wear fake dentures, preferably scary ones, and a black wig with long hair.

In the dress, daring with a beautiful white dress is another cool tip, it can be a bridal model or not. However, the idea is to look like a bride, so round pieces with lace and details are a good tip to adopt in the look.

To finish everything off in a genius way, you can even drip some elements in shades of red, like dyes, to fake “blood on the dress” and make the costume style even heavier and scarier.

Image Evil bride, halloween costumes. (Reproduction: Google).

scary wolf

This costume is a great option for women who are going to Halloween at the last minute and have no idea what to wear or wear.

All you have to do is prepare a good make-up with green contact lenses, dare a nose in the “feline” style, a very powerful lipstick, dark or even black, and if you have feline ears at home, this is also a good trick to add style, your costume of scary wolf.

In addition, on the neck it is worth recreating claw-style injuries, as if there were a large and deep cut made by a claw, the care in the details of the makeup of the neck brings more veracity to the fantasy and must be an element to be done with mastery.

On the body you can put a black or lace bodysuit, black pants and boots in the same color, simple as that.

And this costume is really cool because it leaves the concept of the complete costume completely up to the makeup artist, and the result is really amazing, as well as beautiful and scary.

Scary Wolf – Costumea Halloween (play: Google).


The witch costume is a Halloween classic, however you can leave out the witch “ugly and old from children’s tales” and bet on a tidier and more modern little witch.

For this you can invest in a good makeup, for example we have the make of the model (photo below), opting for a make-up that highlights the eyes, the mouth and brings a lot of beauty to the look.

To wear, you can opt for a good old witch hat and a black dress at your discretion. Remembering that costumes of witches and other characters can also be rented in places dedicated to costumes??

Witch image, illustrative. Photo playback – Google.

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood can also take on those scary halloween costumes, and in this recreation of the inspiration below, you can very well mix elements, that is, use Little Red Riding Hood’s red dress or cape with other tricks.

Makeup, for example, can be done in a common way, however it is worth investing in a beautiful striking lipstick, preferably red, and on the face or cheeks you can draw some bruises, scratches with lipstick or dye, as shown by the model in the photo below .

Illustrative image Little Red Riding Hood – Google reproduction.

So, in a very simple way, it is possible to create a basic costume for Halloween and make your production very cool and different for this spooky day, and of course, without having to spend horrors on costumes and many expensive outfits.

Enjoyed these cool costume tips for Halloween, as well as understanding more about this very peculiar celebration. So don’t forget to have a lot of fun on that date and use and abuse the explanatory tips in this post.

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