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Wedding hairstyles: Photos and Models

Check out what’s trending in hairstyles for the long-awaited day of the ceremony!
With a long-awaited day, it’s hard not to think of different ways to make each moment unforgettable. And with the hairstyle you are going to wear, it is no different. But come check out these tips that we have prepared for you to rock your wedding day, whether you are engaged, godmother!

For weddings during the day

A good tip for anyone who wants to bet on a daytime ceremony is to invest in a lighter look and, as most of them take place in open spaces, you can even use sunlight to your advantage to make you even more radiant.

In this look, she bet on a simpler and more elegant hairstyle. You can fix the strands with a spray or even a hair cream, so you can rock the ceremony! By the way, this look with “wet” hair is a very strong trend with a more natural make-up, where the eyes are the main focus. Eyeshadows with more shades towards brown, terracotta and similar are coming with force!

Still investing in the simple, you can bet on a hairstyle with loose strands on one side, giving a delicate and romantic touch. If you want, you can invest in minimalist accessories with a touch of rhinestones, or replace them with accessories with flowers, without losing the romantic look. Ah, lighter skin is still in fashion, so you can invest in it without any fear and throw yourself in highlighter and blush, using daylight to your advantage.

Evening wedding hairstyles

Evening weddings are still on the rise, so investing in practical hairstyles is also a good idea!

And when we think of Taylor Swift, we already think of the many incredible buns that she combined with different looks. Including, the bun with braid is a real joker, both for brides and bridesmaids and guests! If you want, you can combine it with more striking makeup, with more minimalist accessories or even with a larger earring without many accessories, combining simplicity, elegance and a touch of shine, since this look is a little more nocturnal.

And still on the bun rock, you can bet on it just a little higher. It’s a good tip for weddings held at times when the local temperature may be high. Nothing prevents you from adding accessories to make your hairstyle even more creative, and even leaving a few strands loose can give the hairstyle a more natural look, and also, more practical and delicate. Hello, godmothers! This hairstyle right here is too ideal for you!

Incidentally, the ponytail is still high in wedding ceremonies, especially among bridesmaids. Giving a special touch with a braided lock can give your look an even more elegant look and make you rock! Ah, you can combine the hairstyle with longer earrings to give it more charm and elegance. Thinner necklaces can also make everything even more delicate without losing the charm of your look, huh?

And still talking about the ponytail, be sure to use your creativity and bet on accessories in your strands. In addition to giving a special touch to the hairstyle, you can be inspired by the model, who combined the hairstyle with the makeup, used jewelry and even the outfit! Incidentally, making a ponytail joined with braids at the front and using some shiny accessories is a guarantee of success not only for brides, but bridesmaids and guests can also join.

And to give it a more delicate and creative look, how about betting on built-in braids? They don’t go out of style and wearing them together with a flowery ornament on the braided wires is even more incredible. Remembering that the built-in braid can be pulled back, or even forward resting on one side of the head. Either way, the air gets even more delicate and romantic, huh? So, write down this tip too to shine at the party.

Speaking of braids, using them with their strands loose is perfect to give an even more romantic look. For brides, this hairstyle is perfect for both day and night and if you want to invest in adornments in your strands, just avoid crowns that are too wide or too flashy. Bet on the simple so that your hairstyle is not overshadowed. Want another tip? Small florals on the wires are excellent for you to shine at the ceremony, agreed?

Ah, here are some other tips for you!

Hairstyle is your strong ally on that date, huh? But, remember that the whole look needs to be completed. Therefore, braids with loose threads (As in the last example), match very well with more delicate wedding dresses, with lace. Buns are still going strong at ceremonies, but pay attention to the accessories you use. Buns combine even more with longer earrings, that is, avoid very small earrings.

The makeup also matches the hairstyle, okay? Therefore, hairstyles with looser or more delicate strands call for lighter production on make. Now, if you want to wear your locks pinned, you can bet on a more striking look. Remember, exaggerations need to be avoided and a more incremented look calls for lighter lips, giving more elegance and charm to your look. This goes for brides, bridesmaids and guests, agreed?

What’s up? Ready to rock that special day?

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