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Greta Thunberg disses Andrew Tate in viral tweet

During Wednesday, the influencer Andrew Tate tried to provoke Greta Thunberg by telling how many cars he owns. Now the climate activist’s answer has gone viral.

Photo: Instagram @gretathunberg/Twitter ©andrewtate

2.7 million. That’s how many likes Greta Thunberg’s tweet directed at the influencer Andrew Tate has received since the post was published on Wednesday, December 28. The post is in response to a tweet in which Tate seemingly tries to provoke the climate activist by telling that he owns 33 cars, including a Bugatti and two Ferraris:

“This is only the beginning. Enter your email address and I can send you a complete list of my collection of cars and their respective enormous emissions,” Tate concludes the post, where he has tagged Thunberg.

Greta Thunberg’s attention-grabbing answer reads:

“Hello, please enlighten me. Email me at [email protected]”.

Has been banned from several platforms

Tate is a former kickboxer whose videos have gone viral on social media. His views have been called “extreme misogyny” – among other things, he has said that women should “take part of the responsibility” for being raped.

Tate has also posted racist and homophobic posts on Twitter, a platform he was banned from until Elon Musk took over in October. He is currently banned from Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

Source: The Guardian

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