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Find out which are the zodiac signs that kiss the worst

Impulsiveness or their introverted way of being means that five signs of the zodiac are classified as not knowing how to give a kiss that will make their partners lose their minds.

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For a wide sector of people in the world it is easy to express affection to their partners through a passionate kiss, but According to the zodiac, there are signs whose representatives stand out for not knowing how to kiss or doing it in a lackluster and unpleasant way.


Although they tend to be explosive, people ruled by this sign are also characterized by being seductive and romantic. However, one of his weak points is usually reflected when it comes to kissing the people he likes.

His technique is usually not the best, because they just get carried away and their biggest mistake is that they tend to kiss with exaggerated force without giving time to subtlety. They seem to be convinced that it is the best way to show passion.


The personality of these individuals is defined as shy and introverted, so therefore they become a bit inexperienced when it comes to kissing.

Many of the ex-partners of this sign come to consider their displays of affection —which are usually tender— like something dull and boringbecause simply his way of kissing is unpleasant.


The representatives of this sign They are located among those who kiss the worst, but the most terrible thing is that they don’t even usually ignore it.

Because their personality is very reserved, they also do not show their affection in an open and passionate way.

When placing their lips on their partner’s in turn, they do not dare to fully project the passion that runs through their veins, which ends up producing dissatisfaction in the other party.


The impulsiveness and impatience that governs people of this sign is reflected when kissing.

Far from producing a pleasant sensation, they cause discomfort and end up ruining a moment that should be sublime by turning it into an unpleasant experience.


According to several testimonies, those ruled by this water sign, although they are charming, when it comes to kissing they are a disaster, because Although in private they are usually different, displays of affection in public are usually their weak point.

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