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Edvin Törnblom talks about the debts in Renée’s bridge

When the podcaster and media profiler Edvin Törnblom recently guested on the TV program “Renées brygga”, he revealed that he sometimes has difficulty keeping his money. “I’m really Lyxfällan material,” he says in the program.

Photo: TV4

Edvin Törnblom is a name we have seen more and more of in recent years, he is not least known for his popular podcast “Ursäkta” which he has together with the comedian Johanna Nordström. When he recently guested on the program Renée’s bridge, however, he revealed that he always had problems not living beyond his means, as he loves shopping. “I’ve always been a shopaholic,” he tells host Renée Nyberg.

Renée is shocked when Edvin reveals that he has had debts “up to his ears” and that he pays certain bills through the bailiff. “I really am Lyxfällan material. I shove the bills in a box when they arrive,” he reveals. Renée points out that it will be more expensive when the bills have gone to Debt Collection and the Bailiff, but it is something that Edvin is not particularly worried about. “It’s nice that now I have money to pay the Kronofogden with,” he says jokingly in the program.

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