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Credit card for negative with limit: check out the best

If you are here, unfortunately your name is negative, and this is very frustrating when thinking about getting a credit option. And it is a fact that companies prioritize people who have a clean name and a good score when accepting the request for a negative credit card.

And the credit card is a form of payment that helps in our daily lives to meet those needs of the moment. And unfortunately for negatives, the possibility was limited.

What this article covers:

What does it mean to be negative?

Negative credit is due to non-payment of debts. When a certain time passes and that person has not complied with payments, his name falls into the systems of credit protection agencies, such as SPC and Serasa.

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When your name is on these companies, your name is “dirty”, and when applying for a card or a loan, the bank will analyze your profile based on your debts, and if you have a negative name, the agency will understand that does not have a good paying profile. What can most of the time bar your request.

Banks most often make a rigorous assessment when applying for a credit card. That is why it is somewhat more difficult, but there are ways that can help you to have a negative credit card.

Prepaid cards are the best way to get a negative credit card. That’s because they don’t go through the evaluations of a common card, since the credit limit is pre-established based on the amounts you put in it beforehand.

In addition to another form, which is the negative credit card, which can be requested by retirees, or civil servants. And it can be requested at banks like BMG, which accepts this type of modality without a pre-approval of name analysis.

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Best credit cards for negative credit online

To show you the options for negative credit cards, we made a list so you can choose the best ones on the market. It’s important to be aware and read each one of them to know which one fits your budget the right way.

Super Digital Credit Card

This card has the international MasterCard flag, which has a prepaid modality. You have the possibility to put the value in your account, and transform it into credit, to be used in any website or establishment.

The big difference is that you can apply without any consultation by name, and it doesn’t charge any kind of annuity. Just access the card application and request in a very simple way.

BMG Payroll Credit Card

This card is exclusive to INSS retirees and pensioners, as well as bank employees. It has no annuity, and does not require any type of analysis based on the individual’s name.

In addition to having a much lower interest rate than its competitors, it is possible to be approved very quickly and with restrictions on the name.

Bradesco Din

This is Bradesco’s prepaid card model, which also does not require a credit or income analysis. It is accepted internationally on any purchase you wish. In addition to the possibility of 24-hour cash withdrawals.

The big difference is that with only 14 years old you can already acquire this type of prepaid card from Bradesco??

Banco Inter payroll card

The Inter digital bank payroll card is deducted directly from the payroll. It can be used like a regular credit card at any physical store or online.

It is a Bank with a very easy-to-use application, very popular in this modality.

C6 Bank Card

This is a card that is currently very popular, it is made directly for Brazilians. It is free of any in-app service fee, and offers the most diverse services within its own app.

It is quite famous in terms of approval, it has a much higher rate of getting it even with a dirty name. With MasterCard’s predominant brand, you shop internationally.

Sometimes it is difficult to get a credit with a dirty name in the market. But it’s important to know that it’s much better to keep your name up to date before thinking about getting a negative credit card and avoid a future snowball.

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